While I still have a persistent cough, it would seem that loads of people on my complex have been getting the man-flu. And apparently I've been exposed to Measles (and have no record of being immunised – I think it's my age), occupational health are deciding what to do with me. I wonder if that's the cause of the high temperatures I keep running.

Half of the officers on my complex have it, and there is a tiny part of me that hopes it was me that gave it to them – dragging myself into work in order to keep myself from being disciplined by them…

All of which means that I'm only halfway through writing the blogpost for today, so it'll have to wait until tomorrow.

When I'll probably be in quarantine, or a government lab being held because I'm patient zero of a fatal cross between Measles, Man-flu, Bird-flu and TB.




9 thoughts on “Cough”

  1. the measles risk depends on your age, in the sense that are you maybe old enough to have had it “naturally” in childhood? most of us over the age of about 40 did. have they tested you for antibodies; meanwhile ask your mum, she'll remember!hope you feel better for a rest, anyway.

  2. Hang on in there, I remember when I worked in the NHS (psychiatric and general nursing) neither you nor your family were allowed to be ill. I was once bawled out in the middle of the medical ward by Matron for being five minutes late because I had to get a doctor in to see my mother!Genuine gaffer tape is used in the film industry and is 'low tack' that is easily peeled of without leaving any residue. its not the stuff sold in diy stores that will stick to anything and repair leaking pipes etc.

  3. It's bloody absurd to make people come in when they are ill. Epidemiologic studies clearly say “stay at home till you are non-infectious again”.Personally I suggest everyone goes to HR for ten minutes and queryies if they think you are well enough to work. They'll soon decide it would be better for you to stay home.

  4. Tom – you do realize it's only man-flu when it's really nothing, don't you? Judging by the symptoms, yours is Honorary Woman's Flu (pretending it's not as bad as it is).

  5. Poor you,everyone in my class at school has had a cough since we had those hpv jabs, my mum won't let me have a day off school 🙁

    hope you feel better soon!

  6. This is what I can't understand. We are assaulted with advertising for products to keep our homes 99.9% germ free, because germs are BAD. But we have a work culture whereby if you deal with the vulnerable and probably immune-system compromised, you've got to come into work and share your germs.At work it's like disease top trumps, which really does get tedious. After the bout of V&D, I couldn't understand why everyone looked at me strangely when I bleached all of the shared crockery and cutlery.

    I hope you feel better soon and HR comes down with it.

  7. The bed manager tried to send us a patient, the medical and surgical teams protested on the grounds that the patient had norovirus. Infection Control said that it would be fine as all staff know the fundamentals of infection control. Two days later the ward was closed due to almost total norovirus infection. A week after that I'm going back to work after suffering the less pleasant symptoms of this virus. Loads of staff are still off (nursing, medical and surgical staff) and theres no sign of the infection ebbing on the ward. I really hate bed managers.

  8. Hmmm. I think I'm in the in-between generation. Too young to have had measles naturally in childhood, but slipped through the gaps of non-universal immunisation (we moved around a lot as children). And now cursing Dr. Andrew Wakefield & all who sail in him that I have to worry about it…I suppose I should do my bit for the herd and go and get myself jabbed.

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