A Question Of Trust

It would seem that you just can't trust those people who misuse illegal drugs…

We were called to someone who'd smoked some heroin, drunk some beer and also smoked some crack cocaine. He was… 'not alert', hardly surprising really.

The flat was full of drug users, our patient was the one being propped up by a woman.

“He'll be alright”, she said, “I've been taking heroin for over twelve years”, she proudly announced.

Our patient was semi-conscious, sweaty profusely and was breathing rather slower than is normally considered healthy.

A quick shot of Naloxone, a drug that reverses the effects of Heroin, and our patient was a bt more responsive. With the aid of some police we managed to spend the next hour getting the patient out to the ambulance.

Once outside his 'friends' disappeared back into the flat and locked their front door. The police were no longer needed and so we sent them off to deal with a fight in a pub (probably) and started checking out the patient.

“I'm not going to hospital without my jacket and bag”, he told me.

But what would you know? It would appear that some people who take illegal drugs are perhaps a little bit untrustworthy. His 'friends' wouldn't open the door to us or to the patient.

So he refused the ambulance and our offer to call the police back. Instead we left him standing outside the flat, swaying slightly from the effects of the alcohol, no doubt until he got bored and stumbled back to his hostel down the road.

Strange thing about this 'client group', they are all very “I love you bruv”, until you give them the chance to steal something from you.

Incidentally, the reason why our patient had such a strong effect from the drugs? He'd been released from prison that very day, and so his tolerance for drugs had dropped during his time inside. Being released from prison has led to the death of more than one Heroin addict from this mechanism.

In some fluffy way it seems that victims are sometimes victims to other victims.

Or something.

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  1. Ribeye – have you come across “Junk Medicine” by Theodore Dalrymple ?One of the great myths is how difficult it is to come off heroin – yet nobody has ever died from it, or even suffers very severe withdrawal symptoms [unlike the far more serious DTs experienced during withdrawal from alcohol].

    Physiologically withdrawal symptoms from heroin are said to comparable to having the flu [muscle aches, cramps, sweaty, etc] – but not much more.

    Deaths during heroin detox are only ever the result of medical intervention to ameliorate symptoms [i.e. are iatrogenic]

    As Dalrymple says, would any decent person rob a house, or mug somebody to avoid having the flu for a few days ?

    Interestingly, Dalrymple also asserts the majority of heroin addicts have a criminal record long before the make a CHOICE to spend their existence in pursuit of drugs.

    Incidentally, I agree with Dalrymple's contention that the “treatment bureaucracy” tends to perpetuate rather than improve the problem – certainly the number of heroin addicts has risen massively over the last three decades.

  2. opiate users who leave prison clean have a 64 times greater chance of dying in the 2 weeks following release than an ordinary drug user – we do try to persuade them to go back on methadone prior to release to build up their tolerance again, but most won't do it and end up in this kind of situation.

  3. Opiates are a bitch to detox from, that Naloxone was probably a worse punishment for the heroin user than the police would have been. I was on lortabs for a long time, started out for pain and progressed into eating them like candy. I got off of them thanks to suboxone (buprenorphine and naloxone) but I have an idea what they go through. Opiate addicts aren't innocent by any stretch of the imagination, but you're right, victims can be victims of victims and even more victims, and sometimes the victims don't even realize they're victims. Wow that was confusing.Just to let you know, I updated my links on RagingServer.com and your site was one that I added. Hope it gets you a bit of traffic!

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