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  1. When my uncle was found in his flat after having died about 3 weeks earlier my mum was advised not to identify the body (it was a very hot summer) just having been in the flat has left her with flash backs and nightmares and the police officers had to go in to find his body. As this was at the other end of the country to where we live we never met to cops who had to go in and it wasn't until a few months after that I even thought to thank them. People take the police and emergency services for granted and we never think to pass on our thanks. I would like to say thank you to those and every police officer and emergency service worker for continuing to do their job. We do appreciate you even if we forget to say it.

  2. Thanks for that link Tom. Had to go through the same thing a couple of months ago when my mum died suddenly, and the 2 young policemen that came and sat with us while waiting for the coroner were lovely. A very difficult job that you and the police have to do, and a job well done.

  3. Its sad how governments love to chart and micro manage things…how fast you arrived onscene, how long you spent onscene, how much money is “wasted” when we decide to Aire Evac a pt. to a Level 1 trauma center, or on that same topic about the large percentage of pt.s who are flown but released very quickly out of the ER……..but what is truly sad is not how they measure all of this but how they dont measure our success rate. Here in the states we are having a large instance of Air Evac helicopter crashes and many “experts” say that up to 53% of people are sent home from the ER within 48 hours. Is it not about that one life you save, that one single life that was saved because that helicopter got there. Does the government count how many times you comfert an elderly pt. who is just lonely? Do they count everytime the family of a pt. you just brought into the ER lights and sirens hugs you? The news and government dont want to hear about us succeed they want numbers, measurments, failurs (especially the media). Well we have a job a passion to live out. Its up to us to help wether they want to recognize our victories or not. The people we help, you, me, all of us are the only ones that should judge us.Sorry i just feel like ranting right now.

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