Random Thought #5

Sometimes you are grateful for the drunk that has been getting progressively more intoxicated through the duration of your shift. As you drive past him on the way to the hospital you wave at each other for nearly twelve hours.

Then, as a final job of the shift for both you and the police, he tries to get up, falls over and gets a massive bump on the head.

He's not aggressive and his timing is perfect, both you and the police get off shift on time for a change.

Also – sometimes short little random thoughts let you have time in your real life to get some real life concerns sorted out, although doing it for more than a week would be tiresome.

Our Control was asking for an ambulance for a stabbing on our patch while we were on our way, under blue lights, to a twenty six year old with indigestion. So it goes.

One thought on “Random Thought #5”

  1. I was having a random thought of my own this morning.Was watching Airport and saw two bike responders who happened to be in the right place at the right time when a woman collapsed from a heart attack. They saved her life and six weeks later she was well enough to go back to America.

    I was thinking that TV shows which follow ambulances around are only ever edited with the interesting cases. There needs to be an Ambulance day where a channel follows around a crew for a day (two crews for two shifts) and every half hour or hour there is an update given with regards to the jobs which have been done. Sort of like an hourly news broadcast.

    Only when people are shown the real timewasters will anyone know that they should really stick a plaster on that cut and take a painkiller for that headache.

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