Random Thought #2

When I'm working on a Friday night it really can seem that everyone else is having much more fun than me. Especially when we cruise down Old street watching the metrosexuals in their film school glasses and tight brown cardigans.

Not so much when dealing with a drug inspired stabbing just down the road. Or the extended immigrant family living in a one room flat, hotbedding the mattresses on the floor and sharing their infections.

8 thoughts on “Random Thought #2”

  1. I must say it's very reassuring to know that if I get mugged on my way home from work, Tom Reynolds could be the one to pick me up again, didn't realise your patch ventured to the Old Street.It is a funny place, watch for the insane amount of cyclists drinking at the Foundry or the multicolour spandex dancers just down the road, lots of people seem to be having fun, I'm normally trying to just get home, even if it is 23.00 on a friday night and i've done a 14hour day, yep some people seem to have more fun than us Tom….

  2. I think you'll find that TR landing up in Old Street is neither to do with it being his patch, nor indeed a personal choice…..

  3. I feel much the same when (like tomorrow) I turn out to cover calls at 7am before doing a day in the office doing my “real” job – usually because some other feckless ratbag cant be bothered to turn in and do their job, can't help feeling it was meant to be more FUN being a grown up…..

  4. As the old joke goes – 'It says London on the side of the ambulance (and Milan on the side of the tyres)'.I end up at Old street a lot less now I dare not make a run for the 24hr bagel shop at 2am

  5. Me too!I felt I was kinda sad when I really *related* to that video, too.

    Then I noticed all my friends did, too 🙂

  6. Most of those revellers are likely revelling because they enjoy it. And because of that you will probably find their lives don't suck quite as much as you might think.

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