Ambulance Hijack

A patient held up an ambulance at gunpoint and threatened to kill its crew before taking the emergency vehicle and crashing it into five cars, the Standard has learned.

The man allegedly pulled a gun on the terrified crew before crashing the ambulance into the cars, one of which was shunted into the front of a house.

It is thought the trouble may have been sparked by the patient's unhappiness at the choice of hospital.

This is near where I live.

I hope the crew involved is alright.

I just goes to show some of the dangers all emergency services staff face on a daily basis. I'd bet that the criminal who did this won't be forced to pay for the damage that he did to the ambulance, let alone the private cars.

Now… what's the tariff for threatening someone with a firearm?

14 thoughts on “Ambulance Hijack”

  1. not long enough apparently.seems to be the easiest way to get ahead in this country is going against the law and society, people that do things like this go wandering off into the night to do it all again and us hard working honest tax payers pick up the pieces

  2. Depends if it's a first offense or not. He'll probably only get about 18 months for possession of an imitation firearm, and be out within a year. (Based on what my disowned little shit of a brother got for a similar offense. Though he didn't nick then crash an ambulance.)

  3. Currently dealing with a similar case (taking the vehicle) not the threatening and the fire arm. From my experience the police, CPS and courts REALY dont like this sort of thing so I'd expect this bloke will get maximum sentence plus a warm welcome in prison.And no more than he deserves

  4. A second ambulance was sent to treat the perpetrator for a chest injury.Sorry – but Fuck Him – Whats the betting that piece of scum got treated in Casualty BEFORE a little old lady wth a #NOF, or someone else far more deserving.

    Oh – I doubt he'll get a custodial sentence – some smartarse brief will get him off by saying his human rights were breached.

  5. Blimey. I hope the crew are ok. I didn't think Queen's Hospital was that awful, but then I only saw the bit where they do blood tests. It looked like an airport foyer and they had a guy playing a grand piano.Maybe that was the problem, the guy had a morbid fear of lounge pianists.


  6. Bullshit. When was the last time a maximum sentence was given to someone? I was reading one of the many police blogs, saying how legislation alone will cut a sentence down ridiculously – 15 years cut to 4.5 – all due to a guilty plea, sentence halfed, early release etc.Bet they'd get 3 years, and a 500 fine or something, which they probably won't pay.

  7. What will he get in England for this?!?!?! As my name suggests I am in Texas…..its the same charge had he done the same to a Sheriff's Deputy or any other cop…….attempted murder, assault, and stealing a car…..maybe 20 yrs cut to 10…if the guards and inmates dont tear him apart first. I hope that crew is ok….

  8. I've never understood the logic of hijacking/stealing something is…1) tracked via GPS

    2) has big blue lights and a siren

    3) painted in high vis colours…..

  9. We wouldn't try “attempted murder” here unless he had, well, attempted to murder someone…That said, I hope this idiot is put away for so long he can study evolution first hand as a hobby… Whether the gun is real or not, the terror produced certainly is. Thank heaven's the crew got out of this alive – something like this could have ended a lot worse…


  10. Claire's only been at uni for a week and already she's been measured for her stab vest. says it all.I understand they cost 400.Hope the crew are did you see Cutitng Edge?

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