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  1. Having read the article, what strikes me most is the arse covering going on. The only treatment the paramedic could have given which a technician could not was to thrombolise her. In our area, this drug is only given under very specific circumstances (a check list has to be completed) and there are no Coronary Care Unit beds available. If there are CCU beds then, then patient is phone patched, blue lighted in and thrombolised there, whether there is a paramedic present or not.No doubt the paramedic involved is gratified by the way this has not been explained, and delighted by the support that they have recieved from thieir employer….NOT!

    Blame the reporter by all means but quite frankly you can't expect much more from a pig than a grunt. The trust however should know better but they have put the paramedic in question in the position of sacrificial lamb. This is a great job but some times…bloody hell!

  2. After just coming off a 2 week deployment for Hurricane Ike of 12+ hour days (including one 40 hour stretch), I can't agree more!

  3. I always thought that's why management is so in favour of internal rotation to night duty – after a run of 7 nights 12-hour shifts (without breaks) on ITU, I always used to regard day duty as a nice rest…..

  4. Hi, I normally agree with your comments, but having come to this job 5 years ago, from a farm manager's 6 day a week, & on call just about all the time, for substantially less money, & even more substantially less holiday, I don't know what the fuss is about. 12 hour days, I love 'em, a little over 3 days a week on average & I've done my 37 1/2 hours. Never had so much free time in my life, & I've now GOT A LIFE after 30 years of struggling to do so.Apart from that, keep up the good work.

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