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Obviously I am superb at everything that I turn my hand to. To believe otherwise would mark you out as a fool.

So when the Open Rights Group asked for volunteers to star in a promotional video it would have been dreadful not to give them the benefit of my Oscar wining acting style.

So here I am.

Who's Watching Who? from Dean Whitbread on Vimeo.

(What you should perhaps keep in mind is that I was asked to 'ham it up')

For those with lower bandwidth you can also watch this on Youtube.

And if anyone is at the Green Party Conference, I shall be manning the ORG stall there. I may also threaten some bunnies with death and cooking if they don't all join immediately.

That should work.

17 thoughts on “On Video”

  1. Hi TomWatched your clip no sound (as not to upset the grumpy ppl in my office)

    Must say without sound had the feel of the beginnings of a porn flick lol & I would the barmaid. At home will watch it again to get the proper jist of it.

  2. Well someone already stole my words, “Nice one Tom”. Hammed up or not it is bloody true and the message came across well.Why do you think I left that country for Switzerland, not trying to make anyone jealous or anything, after all it was the flight part of the “fight or flight” that won for me. I guess I am just a wimp.

    I am increasingly apalled on a daily basis what the leaders of that country are doing. Who said the UK government is democratic?

  3. Wow, I could not tell you were volunteers. There were tiny instants of self-consciousness and hesitation, but you were all amazing. The script was excellent too. Congratulations to all involved.

  4. Ham, ham and more ham! You did well tho, is that your real accent – or did you put it on?You've almost got nursing a pint down to a fine art too 🙂

  5. Real accent. I also talk with my hands a fair bit as well.However… I tend not to letch so obviously over barmaids.

    (I'm subtle you see…)

  6. Actually it was apple juice, so you didn't have to worry about it going flat (or me taking a crafty gulp and throwing the continuity all out)

  7. Yes, perhaps slightly less obviously may be better… Subtle as a brick is never good ;)But still, I'm just jealous of anyone that has an accent – Growing up in the Midlands left me with no accent at all 🙁 Even to the point when going on a school exchange my host family were rather bemused as to why I didn't sound English… And I now live in Scotland and get the piss taken on a regular basis… It's never easy!

  8. That's not only ham acting, but ham AND cheese!!!! OMG! LOLAnd I thought I recognised the guy in the Office sketch (Felix Cohen) I went to the school next door to his! Small world.

  9. I will certainly be looking up the open rights group website. It seems we live in a society where people are so scared of their own shadow that they accept the loss of all sorts of personal freedoms because they think it makes them safe. CCTV footage may have helped convict the 7/7 bombers but it did not prevent them any more than it prevents hooded yobs commiting crime. The same goes for people in favour of ID cards, 'lf you have nothing to hide' they say 'you have nothing to fear'. What happened to the notion that maybe if my day to day activities break no laws or injure no one then what l do is my own bloody business!On a different note, you may want to see this article in the Oxford Mail on line http://www.oxfordmail.net/news/headlines/display.var.2442012.0.sorry_dear_we_cant_help.php

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