What’s In Your Pockets II

First off, thanks to everyone who left a comment in the last post – at some point once I've had some sleep I'll be looking at al of them.

Many, many moons ago when I was a lot more enthusiastic for the job that I do I wrote a post called 'What's in your pockets' – in it I detailed the things that I carried around with me. I thought that, with four more years of experience it might be interesting to see how things have changed.

Shirt Pocket – Right – Personal phone No1, 3G USB modem, Optrex eyedrops (to keep my eyes working on nightshifts).

Shirt Pocket – Left – Pen, pair of scissors, pentorch that is bright enough to sear flesh, lighter (I don't smoke, but you never know when you need to set something on fire)

Upper Right Trouser Pocket – Car keys, door keys, Swiss army knife, Wallet.

Upper Left Trouser Pocket – iPhone, cloth for cleaning glasses.

Lower Right Trouser Pocket – Gloves, bandage dressing, torch bright enough to burn skin and to play the 'Go towards the light, all your loved ones are waiting for you…' game with sleeping drunks.

Lower Left Trouser Pocket – Normally nothing, occasionally my stethoscope.

Everywhere else – Nothing, I don't put anything in my back pockets and as I don't wear my stab vest (except when it's very cold) there is nothing there either. I no longer have anything hanging from my belt as it would only dig into my overflowing gut.

Amongst the other things that missing which I used to carry are my service provided emergency phone (I used it once, it'd would have been quicker to dial 999 on my own phone), the drug cheat sheet (I rarely need to give drugs as I rarely go to anyone who needs them, for those patients who do need drugs I've memorised the information).

I no longer have a security card for the Royal London hospital, as it was stolen along with my car and has never been replaced (despite my hassling people), I don't need a key to the oxygen cylinders because they have changed the tops of them to be openable by hand (a change for the better).

I don't need a Pocket PC as I have an iPhone and in my personal bag I have a netbook computer (which is what the 3G modem is for should I ever get the chance to use it) it is also for this reason I no longer have a paper diary. And I no longer carry mints because I rarely eat a kebab any more.

I also don't carry as many gloves because I seldom wear them, I can often get through a whole shift without needing to touch a patient any further than I need to to take a pulse.

So I've slimmed down the stuff that I carry by quite a bit, although I seem to have picked up another phone somehow…

So, your turn now – tell me what is in your pockets when you go to work.

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  1. shirt. left brest: ball point pens (several) because the pen theives are allway about.right brest: highliters, pencil, mobile phone.


    top left; loose change

    top right;dry wipe board pen & perminant Pen, I.D. card holder

    rear right, wallet

    left thigh, note pad, 1 set balck leather gloves.

    right thigh, important pecies of paperwork (scrunched up) another set of leather gloves, 1 pair wool gloves with stickie bits on.

    on my belt double pistol mag pouch with a mutli tool, and a very bright surefire tourch (65 lumen)

  2. Shirt pockets: nothingTrouser pockets

    Front left: phone

    Front right: wallet

    Back pockets: usually nothing

    Beltloop: keys

    Pieces of trash I pick up off the ground may end up in any of my trouser pockets until I remember to throw them out.

  3. Right jacket pocket: Passports and currency for various countries.Left jacket pocket: Dossier of political assassination targets and untraceable satellite phone/PDA

    Right concealed holster: Silenced, non-metallic, laser-sighted pistol.

    Left concealed holster: Non-metallic, X-ray resistant, combat knife.

    Right trouser pocket: Keys to Aston Martin.

    Left trouser pocket: Phone number of beautiful woman scrawled on napkin.

    Briefcase: Telescopic sighted sniper rifle with armour-piercing, sub-sonic, fully disintegrating rounds.

    Sole of right shoe: Untraceable GPS locator beacon.

    Sole of left shoe: Cyanide pill.

  4. Right trouser pocket:Wallet

    Left trouser pocket:

    Keys, change (If i'm in a hurry and don't want to pull out my wallet to put in a couple of 10p's)

    Shirt Pocket (If i ever have one) – Nothing

    Fleece Pockets (If i'm wearing one) – Nothing

    Everything else goes in my rucksack.

    Guessed what my occupation is? Yep, College Student.

  5. Right shirt pocket: phoneLeft shirt pocket: nothing IN it, I.D. badge on the front though. Used to hold my cigarettes, when I smoked.

    Right front trouser pocket: assorted crap, usually including pens and pencils, batteries, small change…

    Left front trouser pocket: see above

    Right back trouser pocket: keys (big old bunch on a chain, including locker key, oxygen shed key, mortuary key if I'm supervising), blood culture specimens when necessary

    Left back trouser pocket: wallet, blood culture specimens when necessary

  6. The uniform here is plain pants and a t-shirt, so there aren't many pockets.Left pants pocket, Permanent marker for hospital allergy bands

    Right pants pocket, wallet if I have it on me, usually not though

    Back pockets, nothing. Unless I used part of the controlled drugs in which case the box with the remainder goes there and stays until I get the new one from pharmacy.

    Belt Loop, keyring style carabiner with my “speed key” for our medication cabinets (literally a sardine can opener, but it works the so-called lock great), my actual med cabinet key, which opens a lock-box that contains the key the sardine can opener replaces, my Narcotics Vault key (a formidable one with all sorts of weird angle cuts and other security feautures), a handcuff key, and a “key” for the toilet paper and paper towel dispensers in the station. Oh, and the key fob for the station.

    Front waistband, one of several knives depending on which one I grabbed, tucked in with the clip hidden by the belt.

    Around my neck, another small knife.

    On the bus I have my small waist bag, what we call a fanny pack in the States, although I am taken to understand that's a bit rude in other parts of the world. It has a pretty good assortment of the things that most of the other posters have mentioned.

    The fire gear is another story, lots of pockets but we haven't the time for all that here.

  7. You carry a Swiss Army Knife? Good grief, the PC brigade/press will think you are one step away from being a mad axe murderer!In my pockets right now – fluff. That's it, just fluff. I sit at a desk all day, so all the stuff I need is in my desk drawer.When I go out, my pockets usually contain:Money, Blackberry, Swiss Army Knife (yes, me too), snot rag, keys, 12″ of paracord, tyre valve extender (because petrol station air lines never ever fit motorbike tyres), earplugs and, on occasion, the lens cap for the camera that is usually hung around my neck.

  8. Right Shirt Pocket – nothingLeft Shirt Pocket – pen

    Upper Left Pants Pocket – money, keys, cigarettes, lighter

    Upper Right Pants Pocket – phone

    Lower Left Pants Pocket – nothing

    Lower Right Pants Pocket – nothing

    I wear my stethoscope on my neck. I have an oxygen wrench and trauma shears tied together with a hospital wristband that I tuck into my waistband. My radio is in an over the shoulder holster.

  9. Shirt pocket. Glasses +2 Dioptres (Cheap – M&S) Waterman Fountain pen (Black – fine nib)Left trouser pocket. Nil

    Right trouser pocket. Wallet. 77p.

    That's it.

  10. Shirt pocket: Disposable fountain penLeft trouser pocket: wallet, 3 sets of keys (home, car, work) & door card

    Right trouser pocket: phone, ipod

    coin pocket: mini leatherman

    rear trouser pocket: Letherman Skeletool

  11. Right coat pocket – my key ring, which has house and work keys on it; my train passLeft coat pocket – my MP3 player (when I'm not listening to it)

    (My rucksack has all my other stuff; wallet, lunch etc)

  12. I have the same issue. Therefore, hanging around my neck I have Door Pass, USB Memory Key, iPod, mobile phone.I'd have more if it wouldn't clatter so much or be so heavy I'd struggle to stand upright.

  13. Top Right – Pen Torch (v v bright led one)Top Left – Personal mobile and pen

    Trouser Right – Wallet & ID Badge (I don't wear mine anymore as they have insisted on putting my surname on it)

    Trouser Left – change, keys and lighter (same reason as you)

    Lower Right – Triangular Bandage and set of gloves

    Lower Left – as right

    (two triangulars come in handy for NOFs to tie the legs together and provide a good splint – saves digging round the bag for a couple)

    On belt –

    Works mobile in pouch


    Maglight torch ring (for large torch on those dark nights)

    Scissor pouch with tuff cuts and a spare torch / pen torch and pen

    Carabina – so I won't keep locking the keys to the motor in the car boot and having to get the RAC out.

    Blimey – I hadn't realised how much crap I carry around with me………..

  14. Generally keep nothing in my pockets except my phone and swipe card if I'm going elsewhere on site.If I'm on a first aid duty it's usually:

    Belt – Radio holder, leatherman, small pouch kit (because I'm usually doing duties in a location where a “first response” kit impedes you getting to the casualty).

    Upper Right Trouser pocket – Wallet, for purchasing food.

    Upper Left Trouser Pocket – Torch, pair of medium gloves

    Lower Right Trouser Pocket – Phone

    Lower Left Trouser Pocket – usually nothing

    Shirt Pocket – Swipe card and ID card wrapped in a lanyard

    Hi Vis (if worn):

    Left Pocket – Pair of gloves, earplugs

    Right Pocket – Torch moved to here

  15. Day Job -left shirt pocket – mobile phne (6230 as it fits the car kit). No right shirt pocket

    Left trouser pocket – PDA

    Right trouser pocket – multi tool

    Right leg pocket – Car key, Security fob x2 and master key

    Belt – right side so It doesnt stick into MY oversized middle – site phone which has a nifty led torch as part of it


    top left overall pocket – mobile phone Top right overall pocket – Pen with led torch/laser pointer and magnetic pickup tool

    left pocket – multi tool

    right pocket – car keys and keys to toolbox

    left leg pocket – SnapOn magentic screwdriver with plenty of bits in the handle

    Dont carry money as I never have any!

  16. Left Trouser Pocket – Wallet, ID Card and PTS CardRight Trouser – Keys, Phone

    Back Right – Gloves

    Back Left – Hi Vi vest

    And that's it.

  17. Shirt Pocket right: Wallet and phoneShirt pocket left: Roll of tape, which seems to have collected most of the loose threads in it, small diary for writing shifts down.

    Shoulder pocket: Pen, pentorch and tuff kut shears

    Trouser pocket right: Loose change and car/house keys

    Trouser pocket left: Mints, empty crisp packet/sweet/chocolate wrapper depending on food eaten on the way to a job!

    Cargo pocket right: Steth

    Cargo pocket left: JRCALC pocket book and an odd number of gloves.

  18. And again. As a teenager, I practically lived in combat trousers, but as an adult, smart trousers for women don't have real pockets, or have them sewn up, and even most jeans for women aren't loose any more and often just have pretend pockets. I just end up taking a bag everywhere. The only thing that's always immediately on my person is my mobile phone.The bag that comes to work with me also contains:

    Pocket 1 Purse and keys. My current keyring is a teeny-weeny Swiss Army Knife which has a small and completely legal blade, a nail file the end of which is a screwdriver, a teeny-weeny pair of scissors, a pen, a small light, and a folding USB memory stick with mobile firefox on it.

    Pocket 2 My blue badge, and as per Tom's request of however long ago it was, a bit of paper for emergency personnel which has a list of my medications, my 'normal' symptoms and a couple of contact numbers.

    Pocket 3Medication, tampax, RADAR key, and some sort of sugary snack.

    Main bag Knitting (usually a sock), USB stick/mp3 player and earphones, small hairbrush, small notepad and pen.

    I think I've used all of those things at or on the way to/from work at some point in the last few months, except the RADAR key and the emergency details.

  19. Shirt pockets – they took them away for a golf shirt, so nothing !Upper Right Trouser Pocket – Spare change for McDonald's to go.

    Upper Left Trouser Pocket – Mints

    Lower Right Trouser pocket – TuffCuts, Maglite, 2 x pens

    Lower Left Trouser pocket – NotePad, gloves

    Belt – Pager, service phone, Swiss Army knife

  20. Woo hooI wear a fisherman's vest, with many little pockets. Going from bottom to top, left to right:

    1) Keys

    2) Torch, swiss army knife, compass, mini card toolkit thing, sewing kit

    3) Plasters, alcohol-free wipes, gloves, plastic bags, bandage

    4) Five 2m lengths of cord, neatly bundled, plus a lighter

    5) Collapsible rainhat, two notepads, pens

    6) Wallet, hand cream

    7) Mobile phone

    8) iPod, a USB stick, and hands-free kit for mobile phone

    9) Oyster card, business cards

    10) Monocular, collection of little objects to entertain my daughter with

    Then inside:

    1) Neck lanyard thing with a clip for attaching visitor swipe cards / keys to

    2) Second wallet with important identity cards in


  21. I'm a vet tech, so…Large Overall Pocket – Compact drug formulary and mini calculator

    Small Pocket – Pen (multicoloured), propelling pencil and badge (I rarely wear this!)

    Right Pocket – Phone (n95)

    Left Pocket – Home and Work keys

    Back Pocket – Lunch money 🙂

    Round neck – Stethoscope

    On arms – Multiple scratches from angry cats!

  22. Left shirt pocket; pen, pen torch, head injury advice cards, SJA member ID, fob watch on the front, radio speaker pieceRight shirt pocket; Glasses, chewing gum

    Left trouser pocket; Gloves, gauze, spare pen

    Right trouser pocket; phone, tissues, money

    Belt; Hand gel, resuscitation mask, gloves, radio.

    Quite a lot thinking about it that i wear when i am on duty with St John!!!

  23. I don't have shirt pockets just trouser pockets. I spend so much of my time upside down anyway that even if I did have them I wouldn't put things in them.Left trouser: phone and spare battery

    Right trouser: Permanent marker, spare knife blade, lighter and sometimes a pen should it escape from my hair

    Back left: nothing usually as I'm right handed

    Back right: change generally coppers and receipts.

    I should just add that I package and despatch bags for a living so I need the knife to cut the boxes down if the contents are an awkward shape. I don't smoke either but the lighter is useful for burning away loose threads that scissors can't get to.

  24. depending on the job its either nothing 😀 (H and S reasons)hanging from the belt or equipment loops would be 3 pairs of tongs and a Fishslice, occasioanlyl in the back pocket i have a propane spanner

    on the other job its,

    Left Top : Mobile and Handsfree

    Right Top: Wallet

    Lower Right : Multitool or tools

    Backpocket: Train Ticket

    Rucksack has all my other stuff… Waterproof, book, food,Axe, Folding Saw

    on the weekends its often more like

    Left Top : Mobile and Handsfree,Leaves

    Right Top: Wallet, Leaves

    Lower Right : Multitool or tools, Leaves Very powerful lighter / blowtorch

    Hanging from Belt: Knife, Bushsaw, Machette, Axe (not all one or 2) Maglight.

    Depending on what im doing (im a scout leader and member of a site crew)

  25. nothing in my pockets , sometimes a 5p off the floor , sometimes car keys . p.s i am sure you have roots and faith ! enjoy !

  26. Hi folks, just a little follow on of what I carry in my pockets:Shirt Top R: Pen, Personal Mobile Phone, ID Badge, Gum (I still often eat too many garlic things, especially on nights!)

    Shirt Top L: Pen Torch

    Trousers Upper R: Tourniquet, House Keys, UHF Radio Handset

    Trousers Upper L: Wallet, Loose Change, Spare Gloves, Ambo/FRV keys

    Trousers Cargo R: JRCALC Guidelines, Clinical Waste Bag, Patients Medication Bag, Spare Gloves

    Trousers Cargo L: Empty!

    Belt: EPD, Large Maglite Ring, Leatherman PST II, Scissor Pouch + Tuffcuts, Spare Pen Torch, Spare Pen & Bandage Scissors

    What a load of crap we all carry in the line of duty!!!


    an EEAS EMT

  27. Shirt PocketA receipt I washed and has now clung to the material like glue – I didn't realise til I was in the office

    Left Trousers Pocket

    Mobile phone (Nokia, silent, for the use of…)

    Right Trousers Pocket

    Wallet, usb stick, 4.86 in assorted change, a quarter of a pack of polo's and a pebble I got off the beach on our first date (she's now my fiance and I'm a soppy sod!)

  28. Scrub breast pocket, ID tag, pen with clip.Pouch (fanny pack or bum bag, each rude on one or the other sides of the Atlantic), scissors, extra pen, tampons, spare change, and if I'm scrubbed in, my ring and watch. Which is why I have one of these, I once threw away my wedding ring when I had to scrub in to surgery fast, put it in a pocket, forgot about it when I scrubbed out… Oh, and now, a pedometer on my waistband.

  29. Left Front Trouser Pocket: House keys, MP3 player, small folding pocketknife.Right Front Trouser Pocket: Wallet, spare change, occasionally a pen.Back Pockets: Old receipts and other miscellaneous junk.Front Jacket Pockets: Peanuts or other high-energy snack foods.Belt: Large folding multi-purpose tool.

  30. Front left: handkerchief, phone, mp3 player.Front right: front door keys, wallet, Oyster card, work security pass.

    Nothing else, and no bag.

    Beats me why some people carry the world with them every time they go out.

  31. Don't go to work anymore – retired- but didn't used to use gloves unless taking blood from jaundiced patients, Naughty me but still here to tell the tale!

  32. Not very original, I suppose. In my various trouserpockets (9 all together, not including the back pockets); credit card and driver's license, list of dangerous drugs and their antidotes, notebook, id-card for the Big hospital in the Big city, heavy gloves for lifting, normal gloves, some wound dressings, pen, penlight, small scissors, small box for used needles, big scissors for cutting clothes, id-card for the local hospital, tourniquet, paracetamol (for me, not the patients), some cash and my nokia. In my shirt (or sweather depending on time of year), the ambulance's nokia. In my jacket; stethoscope, heat pack, various quick references (like a pedi-wheel), radio base chart, balloons, airway support stuff, procedures manual (required), phtls-card, another notebook, heavy and not-so-heavy tape and a really nasty torch. Hanging from my belt are carkeyes, radio and beeper. Wow. And I use it all…

  33. in the pockets of my labcoat:Upper left- 2″ wide metal spatula, 1″ wide metal spatula, stanley knife (proper one, steel bodied, spare blades in oiled paper inside), calibrated scoring tool (for putting a line 12.7mm from the edge of bits of aluminium).

    Upper right- two or three ball point pens, fine black marker, slightly chunkier marker, really chunky marker, silver paint pen, gold paint pen, 15cm steel ruler with depth feeler/pocket clip

    Lower left and right (not consistant): kevlar gloves (for cutting, handling sharp stuff), nitrotough gloves (for reasonably hot stuff, anything needing good grip), often a pair or two of disposable nitrile gloves, a notebook and some post it notes. Somtimes a big pair of scissors. Occasionally samples.

  34. The trouble comes the first time you need a bag with you for something beyond the basic keys, wallet, phone combination. Something reasonable and indisputable – maybe you've started riding a bike and need a bag to keep your bike lights safe when you've locked it up.And then since you've got a bag anyway, you might as well bring that thin waterproof jacket, to be on the safe side. And the miniature puncture repair kit. That's sensible, and it weighs next to nothing.

    It's a slippery slope, oh yes. Soon you're used to carrying a bag with you. Suddenly, everywhere you go, you think before leaving the house, “what might I need?”

    The first few times the additions are still verging on reasonable. You add things you might very well use, even though you probably won't – sun cream, some mints, a swiss army knife. Every so often, someone will ask “does anyone happen to have a [thing that is in your bag]?” and you feel good that you did happen to have it and were Useful.

    Thanks to the positive reinforcement, things start to increase. Where once, you carried a single individually-wrapped sticking-plaster, you now have a small first aid kit. In addition to your book, you carry another book in case you finish that one. You give up on the limited functionality of the PDA and take the laptop around instead. Plus the mains cable, of course – it would be awful to run out of battery!

    Eventually you end up packing a towel and a Greek phrasebook and a tent and a camping stove just to go to Sainsburys.

  35. senior nurse in a minor injury unitfront left pocket.

    tuffcut scissors

    tourniquet (never one when you need one)

    fob watch (NHS issue, but is a bit gay to wear, but need second hand to count resps)

    36 new english pence

    huge bunch of keys (god only knows what half of them open)

    ID badge

    Computer ID card

    security card door openy thing

    right front pocket


    red pen (for writing staff sickness into the rota and then stabbing myself in the eye)

    car keys

    phone (on silent so i can still keep in touch with reality outside the hospital)

    more hospital based keys (think i'm starting a collection)

    top left pocket

    pen (never have to many, watch out for the pen thieves)

    pen torch so bright it could scythe through steel

    hospital bleep


    sometimes a stethoscope, when i've actually got to do some real work.

  36. 3 receipts, 1 weighing machine ticket, one cheque. Packet of business cards. 2 pens, one 2b pencil. Keyring with 8 keys including car, 3 doors, 2 bicycle lock, and sewing machine box keys. One pair of white cotton gloves for handling quilts. Two reels and 3 bobbins of thread. Coffee card. 1.55 in change. 2 stones with holes in. Another 25 pence. Penknife with small blade. Guess my profession?Helen Howes

  37. Left trouser pocket: Clock card, PDA when I'm not using it, locker key.Right trouser pocket: A box opener with a dull blade clipped to a special plastic ring attached to my trousers, keyfob for access to the warehouseCargo pockets: Miscellaneous documents and rubbish.

  38. My current unifrom has two pockets;Right Pocket: Black Pen, Red Pen, Scissors, Clamps, Pen Torch, Mints, hair bobble (i've had one break at work before and my hair is too long to not replace it)

    Left Pocket: Chewing Gum/More Mints, Glasses lens cloth, mobile phone, handover sheet, timesheet, gloves, gloves and more gloves.

    And thanks to the idiots that designed the uniform, each time I sit down, the pens fall out, and I'm stabbed my own scissors….

  39. Oh to have pockets which work! my suit jacket pockets are sew down, and you don't want to see what my bum becomes if I try and keep anything in my pockets on the suit trousers… However my handbag currently contains:Purse, keys, work phone, own mobile phone, Ipod, atoz for london as I still get lost on my lunchbreak, oystercard and work swipe card, paperback book (currently “the outcast” but as it's crap that's going to change). An a4 blue notebook and assorted pens, tube of mints, small bottle of perfume and some latex gloves (and at the momment some of those naff shoe protector thingyies). oh, and I'm another one who carries knitting around with her – currently a sock.

    so, I have a large handbag, and can anyone guess what I do for a living 😉

  40. Right trouser pocket – lots of P739's, little red book with lots of doodles on with delivery card in, photocopied maps, walk directions and a pen usually missing its top.Left trouser pocket – house keys, pouch box keys and sometimes my car keys and work van keys.

    Have you figured out that I'm a postie? 🙂

  41. Right pocket: nothingLeft pocket: nothing

    Lower left: any duty specific paperwork (e.g. maps, list of stuff We can/can't do)

    Phone Pocket: Phone (obviously)

    Pen Pocket: Pen (allows for quick use without fiddling around with normal pockets, just have to make sure i have a thick pen so that it doesn't fly out when going to a casualty.)

    Right Pocket: normally my mp3 player (but I lost it somewhere)

    Lower Right: spare gloves (3 pairs)

    Rear Left: gloves (2 pairs)

    Rear Right: wallet

    It also has holster pockets, perfect for carrying a baguette and a bottle of juice

    Bag: anything else (hi-vi vest, waterproofs, generally anything else I'm not wearing actually and a book for when I'm not working)

    If you had asked what was in them when I left I would have to include all the free stuff the organizers offload on us at the end of the event.

    My biggest haul to date is 2 crates of lucozade and a weeks worth of lunch in sandwiches, very nice I thought

  42. Work – Site Maintenance / drivertrousers top left pocket – house and car keys, 2 x pens, personal mobiletop right pocket – works van keys, lighter, screwdriversleft leg pocket – paperwork and work phoneright leg pocket – tobacco tin. and more paperwork. Belt – Pocket PC (right side)back pocket – wallet SJA top left pocket – car and house keys, personal mobile. 2x pens right pocket – wallet trousersleft pocket- ambulance keys (if driving)right pocket – lighter, left leg pocket – work mobile (different network to personal) right leg pocket – tobacco tin. belt – scissor pouch (right side), radio (left side)

  43. Pants:Left front pocket – Money, keys, change

    Right front pocket – Cell phone, BT headset

    Left rear pocket – Pen, gloves, spare paper

    Right rear pocket – Wallet

    Left leg pocket – Epi-Pen (for me, not my patients), inhaler (sometimes), pad of paper in a small notebook

    Right leg pocket – Mini-mag light (bloodproof flashlight – good weapon, too), eyelight, stethoscope, fingertip pulse ox

    On my shirt:

    Tucked between buttons of polo shirt – Pen

    On my belt:

    Radio (or two or three)

  44. Left sleeve – two pens and toughbook pen.Right sleeve – pelight

    Left shirt pocket – spare notebook, operations manual and ID badge

    Right shirt pocket – gloves and tape

    Left side pocket – wallet (not sure why, never has much in it)

    Right side pocket – phone and knife

    Lower left combat pocket – notebook (for taking the details of people that call an ambulance and then refuse transport against my advice in case they drop dead and then family want to sue me)

    Lower right combat pocket – Stethoscope

    Belt – Radio, trauma shears, pager and 5x 10mg morphine (to stop the trucks being broken into by scrotes, these scrotes are now assaulting officers)

  45. Lower tunic pockets.Calculator,

    Fob watch (broken hanging pin and repaired with a bit of k-band but l can not see it hanging up as meant to anyhow)


    Dog slip lead (rolled tight and held with tape for storage)

    1″ Tape (for catheters, repairs to equipment and 10001 other uses)

    Viscotears (eyes during ops)

    KY jelly (Small tube for thermometer, urine cath. etc)

    Often spare iv catheters and other bits l loose and collect more of then get distracted shove in my pocket.. forget go back to get more. Then find what l lost 2 trips before in my pocket but do not need as got more of whatever and did the job.

    Top Left

    Digital Thermometer

    2 Pens

    Attached to Outside Top Left Pocket

    Pair of artery forceps (1001 uses)

    Top Right


    Earphones for phone (l listen to radio 4 and classical if l am doing cleaning at work it is better than radio1 that blares out)

  46. Hmm where to start!In variety of pockets/bags depending on where I'm going:

    Mobile (K850i) (only works when it wants to!)

    Broken handsfree kit (One side works)

    Other mobile with free Blyk SIM card


    Spare inhalers x 2


    Nebules x 4 minimum

    Spare batteries x 2


    Prednisolone (In case I've forgotten morning dose!)

    Meds list and emergency info/contact details

    A couple of Elastoplast

    Keys for house, garage, bike lock, back gate, locker

    Safety pin (amazingly useful!)

    Dog collar, sometimes 2. (Normal or slip)

    Spare lead (one or two)


    Poo bags

    Dog treats



    Buss pass

    Some sort of snack

    Random objects that seem to accumulate in various pockets, eg empty nebules, empty tube of dog deflea stuff

    Maybe I do carry too much stuff around with me!

  47. Hmm, I'm on the side of all the ladies who wish work clothes came with more practical pockets! I used to have a short rhyme to remind me of the important things in needed, without which my day would disintegrate into mush – Cash, Keys, Fags, Phone.I have since given up smoking and have succumbed to carrying a bag which is now full o useless crap (for the most part).

    So, in no particular pocket order:

    filofax (very 80's I know but even with a modern phone I still can't get to grips with syncing data from the pc!)

    Phone 1 – personal

    phone 2 – personal business

    phone 3 – pda for work

    3 pens


    scraps of paper containing assorted notes and very useful bits of information, i.e. measurements for the new living room curtains should I ever get round to going to look for them!

    blood testing machine

    humalog pen

    glargene pen

    metformin tabs


    anti hystemines

    painkillers (one from every group of analgesic I think)

    chewing gum

    spare pen needles




    button badge from the band July Rising (I work with the drummer)

    Luas ticket (dated June 2008)

    NRM big wheel ticket


    BMI baby boarding pass (dated Aug 08)

    emergency glucose tabs



    Hmm, I'm sure I don't need it all and for a good clen out…..

    This list is soon to be increased with the introduction of new meds. Not sure but maybe I need to progress to a rucksack, but then where will it end?

  48. left jeans front pocket:coffee loyalty card, work ID card,travel insurance card,nectar card,cheque to pay in,national trust card,9 business cards(4 of them mine),another coffee loyalty card,waterstones card,book of stamps,bank card,2 bus tickets, random receipt,10, small tissue, some changeright jeans front pocket:phone, 5 tissues, key ring (14 keys)

    I do routinely get laughed at for having bulging pockets but at least I know where everything is and I really don't want to put all my valuables into one easy to nick bag!

  49. Right pocket: Keys, PDALeft pocket: Mobile, wallet

    I travel light, particularly as the wallet doesn't have any money in it

  50. as an auxiliary nurse:Right tunic top pocket pentorch, thermometer, multiple black pens

    Left upper tunic: NHS ID card on a breakaway lanyard. Been throttled too many times by the elderly

    Right bottom tunic pocket: Nasty NHS scissors for cutting netty knickers off people, time sheet, often a handover

    Left bottom tunic pocket: sometimes a handover, often a small amount of change for the coke machine.

    Trousers pockets: House keys, mobile phone in a glove (had a wee accident once with a catheter bag that leaked everywhere), iPod.

  51. Yeah, it's a girl thing – I have no pockets on any of my work clothes.Don't even START with what I have in my purse and breifcase, however. There isn't enough room in the comments.

  52. As a 'first aider' (when wearing combats)Shirt L – pen, phone (If I've remembered to take it out of hip pocket before sitting on & breaking it – again)

    Shirt R – another pen, notebook, site map/comms info

    Hip R – wallet, comb

    Hip L – nitrile gloves, phone (see above)

    Side R- handkerchief, key ring, tiny torch

    Side L – coins, mints, phone (after it has fallen out of shirt- again)

    Thigh R – Leather 'rigger gloves' (handling sharp metal & wet horses, and for kneeling on in mud), bin liner (also for kneeling on) alcohol hand rub, bottle of water to drink (substitute a torch if it's gonna get dark)

    Thigh L – SJA “pocket pouch” kit, shears,

    Belt – radio, Leatherman

    Bag (if working away from post or vehicle)- waterproofs, lightweight Hi-vis, forms, lunch, bigger FA kit, book.

  53. As i cant work pockets are null and void, instead i carry as my kids call it “the bottomless pit”!!Here goes – purse, wallet, tissues, lip balm, mini alcohol gel, door keys, car keys, mini bag, tampax, diarythen theres the mini pharmacy !!:- nebuliser, salbutamol nebules, atrovent nebules, spare batteries, salbutamol inhaler, paracetamol, tramadol, piriton tablets, epi-pen x2, plasters, sachet of calpol 6+, glucose monitor and glucose tablets. 2 sheets of paper with full list of meds plus dosage and other brief medical history and treatment protocol.This is always the minimum !!!! Its just as well i dont have pockets i dont think they could cope!!!

  54. Swipe/ID Card and memory stick around my neck on a lanyardleft pocket: wallet, swiss army knife, car fob, several pensright pocket: phone, coinage, variously sized/types of memory cardspouch 1: mp3 playerbelt clip 1: keys, sunglasses

  55. Here is what I carry about for my shft in a supermarket:Lower Left Trouser Pocket: Union Diary, Work Diary, Case cutter

    Lower Right PocketNotebook, 3 biro pens

    Top Left and Right pockets:Nothing

    Shirt Pocket“Next Step” Sheets, Clock-in Card, other random bits of paper that I accumulate throughout the day.

  56. Left Top pocket: 3 Pens (2 black one 4 colour), Pen torchRight Top Pocket: Hospital ID (my photo is terrible)

    Left Bottom pocket: Lip Balm, Mints, Purse, Patient Hand-over sheets

    Right Bottom pocket: Bandage Scissors, Hospital Tape, Post-its, spare hair clips

    Trouser Pockets: Mobile Phone

  57. Shirt Pocket – Right – PhoneShirt Pocket – Left – Pen and diary

    Upper Right Trouser Pocket – Car key, station key, drugs safe key

    Upper Left Trouser Pocket – Nothing.

    Lower Right Trouser Pocket – Pocket JRCALC and PGD's

    Lower Left Trouser Pocket – Stethoscope

    Belt – Tourniquet

  58. Left Shirt: pen, penlightBelt: phone, pager, glove holder + gloves

    Right Cargo: shears, stethoscope

    Left Cargo: ID, stickers, cash, EMS medication guide

    Left Arm: watch

    Jacket: head light, notepad

  59. Neck: StethoscopeBelt Left: Glove pouch, mobile phone, Trauma shears pack

    Belt Right: Ambulance keys (on a carabiner), glove pouch, Maglite, Radio

    Left Pocket Front: Band-aid dispenser

    Left Pocket Lower: Laderal Pocket Mask

    Left Pocket Rear: Nothing

    Right Pocket Front: Apartment keys, car keys

    Right Pocket Lower: Notebook

    Right Pocket Rear: Wallet

  60. Wot no snot rags,[hankies in polite parlance] I guess no allergies allowed.no credit/debit card, no penny for the loo.no swiss knife to get stones out out of your sandals.no pocket watch to count the fifteen secs to if one be pumping.no compass to find north.Wow how things do change.

  61. Oh, I forgot to mention my key fob which is attatched to my trousers for getting into the warehouse (why I need it I don't know as judging by the state of it NOBODY has EVER been inside it)

  62. Trousers -Right: Wallet, small swiss army knife, extra hair tie

    Left: House keys, loose change

    Everyday jacket –

    Right: inhailer, tissues

    Left: random bits of paper, pen

    SJA Jacket –

    Right: Trauma shears, Pen, Pen torch (dying), inhailer

    Left: Tonnes of gloves, roll of surgical tape

    Internal Left: Stethoscope

  63. I had a similar post.belt: pager/minitor

    right pant pocket: leatherman squirt, cash, led flashlight

    left pant pocket: chapstick, gum, an alcohol prep or two if Im doing transfers, cell phone (or it's in my jacket)

    right back pocket: pad of paper

    left back pocket: hand drawn map

    right cargo pocket: trauma shears, 2 pens (one zebra pen, one scrote pen

    left cargo pocket: EMS field guide

    radio strap: radio (if applicable)

    right boot: straight razor (just kidding)

    'round neck: stethoscope

  64. Right pocket: Pen, card with phone #'s, stack of yellow “post it Notes” (Main form of communication around here.)Left pocket: cafeteria meal card, cheat card on how to program the epidural pumps (I consider myself pretty tech savvy and can program just about any other kind of drug infusion pump without prompting but whoever came up with that one brand of epidural pump was just obtuse) Sepsis symptom reminder card, alcohol swabs, bandage scissors.

    Belt: Pager (Typical conversation goes: Me: “Hi, you paged the admitting nurse?” Them “Whaaa…” Me: “Do you have an admisson to the floor” Them “Hmmm, Let me check” “Well, we must if someone paged you” Me: “What room are they going to?” Them “I don't know” Me: “I'll be right there”

    Around my neck: ID card with picture (over the years have been able to pare it down to first name and RN only. Too many strangers wanting to call you up at home later – Remember me?? OH YEAH!

    Have finally found a job where I don't need the stethoscope around my neck – the kyphosis is receding. I can understand Tom's view of carrying gloves and the minimal contact part but in reading other people's pocket contents – what is with the guy that carries earplugs?!!! Made me laugh out loud – I've been in this business 27 long years now! Why didn't I think of that?? :o)

  65. I am going to translate the American word 'pants' into the UK equivalent of 'trousers' since I don't want you to think that I carry all this stuff in my 'pants'.Trousers right front pocket : house keys, Blackberry, pocket knife.

    Trousers left front pocket : Building access card, public transport card, 2 GB USB memory stick.

    Trousers back right pocket : wallet.

  66. Trouser pockets (trousers with reinforced knees preferably, I spend lots of time on the floor.)Balloon (last resort motivator) – used after all other shiny bright things and puzzles have failed.

    Ball that lights up when you hit it


    black pen (stuck onto belt loop)

    hair band (in case of hair pulling)

    I work with kids. They have to like you, and fast.

  67. Upper left pocket – crash bleep, – about a million pens ( there's an awful lot of pen thieves where I work),

    – pen torch ( usually a crap disposable one that I drop numerous times throughout the shift, so just as well is

    disposable )

    – broken security badge type affair ( cheap NHS crap )

    Right scrub top pocket – tape

    – scissors

    -more pens

    – phone

    – work keys of some description

    – usually a few random things like the odd sats probe/vial of adrenaline or something

    Round Neck – stethosope

    I jangle when I walk 🙂

  68. Right shirt pocket – Phone, MintsLeft Shirt Pocket – ID card, Diary

    Sleeve Pen Pockets – Pen, Pentorch

    Belt – Mini Maglite, Swiss Army Knife, Dossmeter, Carabiner For Keys

    Left Trouser Pocket – Wallett, Pair Of Gloves

    Right Trouser Pocket – Work Phone, Micropore Tape, Pair Of Gloves

    Left Lower Trouser Pocket – Pocket JRCALC Plus some other guides

    Right Lower Trouser Pocket – Stephascope, Shears

    Back Pocket – Nothing

  69. Left shoulder pocket: pens; pen torchLeft breast pocket: duty orders, with watch pinned to pocket flapRight breast pocket: nothingBelt pouch: gloves; face shieldLeft trouser pocket: nothingRight trouser pocket: phoneLeft thigh pocket: keysRight thigh pocket: nothingIt's amazing how little we actually carry, when I think about it…

  70. Top right pocket: pens pens and more pens for other people to stealTop Left pocket: alcohol gel and an emery board (should the occasional nail emergency occur!)

    Right tunic pocket: Scissors, scissors scissors, mobile phone, lip balm!

    Left tunic pocket: mobile phone (work one), purse, micropore and assorted crap from throughout the day!

  71. Top Left : Phone Sony Ericson W910iTop Right: Walet & ID Card

    Trouser Top Left: Lighter

    Trouser Top Right: Nothing

    Leg Left: Merlin Rescuer 2

    Right Leg: Safety Glasses & Gloves


    Left Side: Radio & Torch (Maglite 4C Size)

    Right Side : Scissor Pouch :

    1x Roll of Tape

    3x Scissors

    1x Forceps / Tweesers

    1x Tuff Cuts

    1x Note Pad

    3x Pens

    1x Pen Light

    1x Thermometer

    1x PRF

    2x Gloves

    And thats it loads of stuff ill never use lol.

  72. one thing tho???? why are we all saying what we carry. People can now mug us for the kit we carry. ie our phone's and wallets lol

  73. I did have a leather scissor pouch aswell untill it was stolen with 70 worth of leatherman kit in it aswell as my flurescent green tuffy's.

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