Still Alive

Nope – I'm not dead, neither have I run out of things to write about. It's just that I'm in that nasty bit of my rota where I spend what little time I'm not working trying to get some sleep. It has also been a mentally exhausting couple of days and so writing has taken a bit of a backburner when compared to just getting through the day.

I've a few days off from Monday – so I should be more active then.

7 thoughts on “Still Alive”

  1. ok we'll let you off, look forward to more posts. If you have time check out I've been writing about nurse training in the 70s.

  2. He is not dead but sleepeth. Having just done two day shifts and four night shifts in the last eight days (and being back on a day shift tomorrow) I can see where Tom is coming from. I'm not complaining….I enjoy the job and know that these are the shifts that go with it but it does launch you into the twlight zone…couldn't be stuck in an office doing 9 to 5 though.

  3. As an ECA with South Central I am going to raise the issue of the role of ECA's within the service.It is quite clear that we are a cheap replacement for technicians. We are someones bright idea……..the need to achieve Orcon targets (whatever the clinical need) whilst keeping costs down…ECA's are band 3 whilst technicians are band 4. It is as simple as that. As you said last year, this has serious reprecussions in a service where people depend on each other in the full knowledge that they have all had to jump through the same hoops.

    In an ideal world, ECA's would not exist…but they do. I went on to A&E because that was the job I wanted to do and I did not do it lightly or just because I liked the idea of driving through red lights. Most ECA's that I know think the same. We want that clinical training..we want to be equal partners….give us the training….present us with the hoops and let those who pass go on…those who do not…or do not care to take that challange, can remain where they are.

    Believe me…..the frustration of being a second class citizen within the ambulance service is as bad as trying to see the humour that drunks seem to think they posses on a Saturday night. We are, or should be, on the same side.

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