As Predicted

The thing about twelve hour shifts, especially when you do a lot of them, is that they have a nasty habit of turning into thirteen hour shifts. Or like last night a thirteen and a half hour shift.

Sadly the job that pulled three crews into an unwanted hour and half of overtime was a genuine job. And a sad one at that.

Now, after sleep, I have an hour and a half to get ready and eat before heading back to do it all again.

And that is why this is a very short blogpost.

10 thoughts on “As Predicted”

  1. I wanted to leave a comment to say that I've just finished reading Blood, Sweat and Tea and not only did I really enjoy it (that seems a bit weird as its a book not always about happy things but anywho…), and now everytime I see an ambulance speed past I always wonder if you're in there, also I had to take my first ever trip to hospital yesterday and that made me think of you also and how I hadn't left you a comment yet. Ooh also I've put my mum under 'mum (ICE)' in my phone now, just in case.Anyway I think thats about it, sorry this post isn't about the blog, but I'm sure I'll be commenting lots more as I've now signed up so I can read daily!

  2. Well, if you just iron your uniform instead of washing it every nite, then maybe by the end of the 3rd or 4th day, your crewmates will DEMAND that they not schedule you on back to back to back to back to… 12 hour shifts.Phewwwieee

  3. You WUSS! 😉 12 hr shifts up here become 14.5 to 15.5 on a bad day. 13.5? That's nowt, do that befor taking a break.

  4. part of our Regs mean that we are supposed to have a minimum 11 hours between shifts for a normal duty, 8 hours in 'extingencies of duty' (ie things have gone tits up) the other part means that we are required to stay on duty until the job we are dealing with has concluded unless it is reasonable to hand it over. In reality most people just bite the bullet and get back in for the normal start time as it saves on grief, even if that does mean only a few hours kip in between shifts. The problem with working 12 hours shifts in those instances is if you have a serious incident such as first on scene for life threatening gbh or a murder then you are there until you have done everything possible to hand over, which is why everyone on my team has done at least a couple of shifts in excess of 20 hours in the last year, though thankfully they aren't that often. 14-16 hours happens quite a bit though, especially day going into night, they hurt after a while!! And before someone says, yes we (Police) do get paid overtime after the first half hour, but the vast majority of the time, sleep is better than pay!

  5. I feel for you man… night shifts are the s***sUnfortunately here in my country we still work weekend 24 hour shifts in hospital. So after tumbling into bed on Monday morning I have to get up mid-afternoon to go in and see patients for the next day, and then, yes, go in to work on Tuesday. It's tiring. Thankfully it only happens twice a month.

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