No blogging for perhaps the next three or four days…

(a) Not enough of you have joined ORG, so I'm having a sulk.

and more importantly…

(b) Two days of Great British Beer Festival with a party on each of those nights. Then spending Saturday no doubt laying in bed moaning loudly. If you are around do come over and say hello – I tend towards not biting, even after a bit of drinking.

Anything important, just email me at the usual address.

11 thoughts on “Dunk!”

  1. I ended up lost and alone at Baldock once after drunkenly falling asleep on a train. A very nice police officer took care of me until a taxi arrived.

  2. Beer festival! I will be there on Friday from about 2pm onwards – I am not much good at recognising people from their photos so say hello if you spot me first. I look the the photo on my Facebook profile – that's if you can remember what my real name is!

  3. Superb! I'll do my best although I don't 'do' Facebook – I'm sure I can remember what you look like…(Or if you wan tI can email you my number, which might be a lot simpler).

  4. Now I'm feeling guilty – did I scare them off? ORG is good! Join up like I did!Or just sit back apathetically and let your rights be taken away with copyright term extension, RIPA, and so on.

  5. No NO! Baldock beer festival is faB…Never drunk so much beer! On at the end of the month…can not wait! Hic!I

  6. Blimey! You found a police officer in Baldock! You were doing well!Now you know where we are you should try the beer fest here! It is in the pubs by the station and then you can stagger to the train after!!

  7. and there was me thinking alcohol was the route of all evil and that grown adults should not be allowed too much for their own good (and in case they trouble the BMA)!

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