My Dream iPhone Application Wishlist

Like I suspect many others in the UK who were looking to upgrade their iPhone, I’ve been left disappointed by the O2 website.

But it matters not – for the thing that I am most looking forward to is the Apps Store, the thought that I’ll be able to download additional software for use on my iPhone is the real thing that fills me with excitement.

And I can do that on my ‘old’ iPhone.*

Now, were I a clever person I’d be coding my own applications for the iPhone, unfortunately I am a bit thick at the moment so I’ll have to resolve myself into being the ‘ideas’ man.

So here are my ideas for the ideal iPhone application that I’d be willing to lay down cold hard cash for. There are more obvious ones but I would imagine that everyone and their dog has a chat or IRC client in production. (I would rather obviously love to get involved with number 2 if anyone has a job for me).

1) A MMORPG, something fairly lightweight, perhaps with the majority of the heavy lifting done not by a server, but by the combined mesh computing power of all the iPhones running the software. Otherwise similar to Runescape. Imagine being able to grind levels while sitting on a bus.

2) An Augmented Reality Game, perhaps crossed with social software overtones – consider if you will a game that is location based to where you *really* are. Using the location services in the phone (either original iPhone, or the AGPS of the 3G iPhone), you would be able to interact with the players that are around in you in physical space. I see it being based on a similar story to the old ‘Highlander’ TV series, or based around a secret society of wizards hiding in the modern day – or spies, or superheroes, or aliens looking to infiltrate Earth. I believe it is obvious how the social networking system would fit in on this.

3) An application that links up with So I could use that location detection to find decent food places near where I am, read the reviews and decide where to eat. Again you could integrate the social aspects of that site into the application easily and have people filing their reviews immediately after eating.

4) Meetup – Yet another location based application. Let’s say that you are going to meet a friend, by sending out a ‘ping’ you could see the location of every friend near to your current location. Integrate the camera into it so you could send them a photo of where you are from within the application itself. Have it integrated with websites like or Upcoming. This may be what Fire Eagle does, I’m not too sure as I don’t have an invite.

5) Lightsaber sound effects based on accelerometer input. Because I am a geek.

6) Two player board/strategy games like chess or backgammon. I’d be extremely surprised if these aren’t offered at launch or pretty soon afterwards. You meet up with a friend and pull out the board of a thousand games…

7) Voicedialing – possibly tricky with the access people have with the APIs, but it’d be a great upgrade. Now the Americans are having handsfree legislation introduced I suspect that Apple might include it with a firmware upgrade.

8) The iPhone camera able to take a picture of an object’s bar code and look it up on Amazon or similar comparison sites. Delicious library does this for the tabletop, but it’d be great to have that functionality on the go. Oh, and QR codes as well please.

9) VNC into my home Mac, because I am that sort of geek.

10) A copy of the BNF for offline reading, and not for £100+ please.

And generally I would give up a significant organ of mine if I could get a foldaway keyboard working with it, or use it as a modem for my Macbook Pro.

*Actually it’s my mum that is most annoyed, as she is the one who is getting my ‘old’ iPhone – and she is very much looking forward to it…

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