Another Gobby Druggie

“…shouted at the paramedics who helped her. The source added: “When she came to she started mouthing off and told the ambulance crew, ‘You have to respect my privacy’. She then told them to get out.”

Although, blimey, reading that copy make my teeth hurt. 'pretty 19-year-old', 'raced to the scene', 'pal'. Seriously, does anyone ever refer to people as 'pal' these days?

So, is this story in the 'public interest' and if not why does the Sun have the right to breach patient confidentiality? Because no ambulance crew would go to the press about this – we have ethical standards.

8 thoughts on “Another Gobby Druggie”

  1. Love the fact that she “refused to go to hospital for fear her rock legend dad… would find out”.Of course she won't have that problem now it's plastered all over the Sun!

  2. Well we dont call it 'The Scum' around Liverpool for no reason.I remember their overhyped reporting during the balearic airport strike of 2003, lets see they referred to 'army and red cross at the airport maintianing law and order and handing out water and coach drivers attacking any minibuses that turned up and laying nail studded planks of wood across the road.

    How very strange that I was working at the airport during the strike and say no sign of this, no isgn of the tents they said were being erected to house stranded passengers

    load of bullocks if you ask me

  3. Stopped breathing my eye. If I had a dime for every bystander that panicked and thought that, I would have retired sooner than I did. Sounds like her fellow druggie friends panicked.Note to Peaches: Dad knows. Stop acting like a spoiled little brat.

    The Sun/The NY Post. Same dirt rag, different country.

  4. “Seriously, does anyone ever refer to people as 'pal' these days?”************

    Cetrtainly – In Yorkshire it can be, and is used as a form of greeting, something like this (on 2 Yorkshiremen encountering one another)….

    “Eyup old pal, tha reet” (Translation = “Good morning my friend, and how are you on this fine day?”) 🙂

    Agreed it isn't used as much as it used to be, but it is still around…



  5. You also have to remember that the level of language used in the Scum, falls at about 9yrs of age on the National Curriculum….Need I say more?!

  6. “The pretty 19-year-old was given mouth-to-mouth resuscitation and chest compressions”Ouch…. bruised or broken ribs then….

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