There was no blogpost yesterday as I was doing a five hour round trip drive to the other side of London in order to drop off the baby pigeons.

The Wildlife Centre had some really lovely staff and they assured me that the pigeons would be well looked after, once they had learned to fly they would join the flock of three hundred other rescued pigeons that lives in the area and that they feed regularly.

So a really nice result even if the journey was extended somewhat by the failure of my sat-nav at a particularly crucial point…

At least I can now sleep knowing that they are safe and that they won't end up killed to death because we don't know how to look after them.

And a big thanks for everyone who gave advice, it was very much appreciated.

10 thoughts on “Safe”

  1. Thanks for letting us know. That will cheer up gf, who has a swift which is not putting on weight as it should.

  2. Going back to your earlier post of 9th July – how about asking for a sabbatical to work with the RSPCA? I think you'd be just as good at that and you'd have new things to learn to keep the brain interested. I bet there are some useful cross-over skills.

  3. Pigeons and and a broken sat-nav? Reminds me of a dodgy Top Gear episode.By the way, I had pigeon meat at a posh restaurant once. It was positively awful.

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