A little while ago I received an email from Katherine Howell, an ex-ambulance officer from Australia . She's written a book and wondered if I'd be interested in reading it. While I don't have much time to read these days the idea behind the book sounded interesting, so I agreed.

It's rare for me to try and finish a book in one sitting, I'm just too busy – but I must admit that I did find Frantic hard to put down. It tells the story of a paramedic with a troubled marriage. The story starts when her husband is shot on the doorstep of their house and her young son is snatched.

What follows is a real page turner of a story, with a lot of twists and turns. I lent it to my mum and she also read it in one sitting – I walked through the door and the first thing she said to me was, “That Frantic was a great book”. She then went on to 'spoil' some of the twists in front of my brother, so it's a good thing that he doesn't read fiction.

I really enjoyed it, both as a piece of paramedic/crime fiction and as a book in it's own right. I've also got an advance copy of her next book 'The Darkest Hour' and I'm purposefully waiting until I can dedicate time to reading it in one sitting.

'Frantic' is a cracking book and if you like ambulance related stuff, or just good page turners then I'd recommend it to you.

Disclaimer: I would like to state that I received the book, and it's sequel, for free and that I have not been paid for this blogpost. If you purchase the book through the link above I get a small payment from Amazon.

3 thoughts on “Frantic”

  1. ooooooooooooo that sounds like my kind orf a readshame my credit card is maxed out!

    willl try to get it next month, thankyou.


  2. Tom, I cannot contact you via your 'email me' link as my computer is not enabled. Is there another way to get in touch with you as I need advice about blog/work & I know you're 'been there'

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