WWDC – My Hopes.

While I am unapologetically a Mac fan-boy, it does annoy me slightly to see people like the BBC reporting on the ‘upcoming’ WWDC, rather than just reporting on things that are definitely announced.

What also annoys me is that I’m at work during the keynote, so shall be hitting ‘refresh’ on my iPhone to catch the Engadget coverage.

Here is my wish list.

  • Opening up the iPhone bluetooth. While the onscreen keyboard is fine for twittering, I’d really like to pair it up with one of my bluetooth keyboards. While they are at it, let me pair up my bluetooth GPS as well, that way I won’t have a phone battery that lasts just a few minutes.
  • The iPhone application store – downloadable apps? Yes please.
  • 02 to announce free upgrades to any Mac, native running of Direct X windows games for instance, or something to make emulation of Direct X easier for virtualisation.
  • A Decent .Mac experience – something that will make me want to pay for hosting + extras, the extras being the main draw.
  • Announcement of a tablet computer, an iPhone+ device perhaps. It seems that a lot of work is going into the iPhone SDK, so why restrict it to just this one physical platform? Have Mac OSX Touch announced as an operating system. There are plenty of applications for such a machine and Apple’s drive towards ‘thin and light’ would mean that a computer without a keyboard would seem to fit that goal.
  • Partnership deals with e-Book retailers similar to the MS Reader relationship, something that works on both desktop and iPhone platforms. While I hate DRM, I still have to use it for my e-Books, being able to read it on the Mac platform would save me having to dual-bot my laptop.
  • More games – preferably developers taking the Blizzard route of releasing both Mac and PC versions in one box. Age of Conan and Warhammer would be my favourites. Hopefully Spore will further prove the success of multi-platform titles.
  • One last thing that no-one saw coming and will blow our minds – just for the sheer poetry of it.

I can live in hope can’t I?

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