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Given that normally the internet is a thing where locational boundaries tend not to matter, is there perhaps a place where a more location based service is desirable.

Consider, in the UK at least, a national system of Wikis and Forums based around the UK Postcode system. If I’m interested in something near to a location (for example, I want to find cheap parking in Cambridge) then I could log on to the Cambridge Postcode Forum and ask the locals.

Obviously there would be questions about the granularity of such forums and the like, i.e. ‘London’, ‘East London’ or ‘E14’ as well as who would be trusted to moderate the forums, but perhaps it’s a way to encourage community.

Add in tagging and data-scraping and it could be an interesting source of voluntarily submitted information.

It might also be very useful when tied in with FixMyStreet or TheyWorkForYou.

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