Day 2 – Good and Bad

Both good and bad things today.

First the good thing – I went into the Waterstones bookshop in Bury St. Edmunds and not only were they stocking my book, but they also had a nice little written note under it.

Pure Joy

The staff there also helped me find a book I was looking for, so I can recommend them completely as excellent people of taste and distinction.

The less good thing happened when I stopped off for a walk around a nature park – I was walking along the lakeside when I found myself surrounded by thousands of tiny baby frogs, all about the size of a penny.

I hated to think how many I’d trodden on without noticing, so what then followed was me walking 400 yards on tiptoe, trying to avoid stepping on any one of the cute little ethical landmines.

I must have looked a right pillock, but I tend to have Jainist tendencies (except when it comes to eating meat, which I do as if it’s going out of fashion, or wearing leather, or punching people who annoy me – yes, I am a hypocrite).

I’ll pop some photos up on my Flickr stream when I get the chance.

Tomorrow is Bletchley Park and Oxford and if all goes well I’ll end up in Salisbury.

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