Holiday Post #1

Ok, so I’m on my trip. Currently sitting in a Travelodge just outside Bury St. Edmunds (which always sounds like an instruction to me) paying a silly price for wifi. I would be using my new 3G E169G modem dongle, but of course it doesn’t like Leopard 10.5.3… I can boot into Windows and use it, but then I get the dreaded ‘Blue screen of death’. Ho hum.

The plan for tomorrow is to wander around Bury St. Edmunds (but make sure he’s dead first) soaking in the sights, then head towards Oxford where I shall be staying in a, no doubt, identical Travelodge room.

Then the next day I shall go to Bletchley Park and see that, then back to Oxford and bimble around until later. Once I’m bored I’ll then drive down to Salisbury in order to book in at a Travel Inn.

Not that I’ll be seeing much of the inn as I shall be heading of to Stonehenge to watch the dawn come up on a summer solstice while robbing from hippies who will be too stoned to notice*.


Then I have no plans, but I’ll probably be heading down Cornwall way maybe swinging past Swanage.

After that – probably North…

*Rather obviously a joke, I doubt they have anything in their pockets that I’d want to touch anyway.

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