On The Road

I'm packing for my holiday that starts today. I think I'm going to start with Colchester, heading out to Thorpeness and ending the day In Bury St. Edmunds. I'l see how I go for time.

Blogging therefore may be a bit sparse, almost certainly nothing ambulance based. If you are interested you can keep an eye on my Twitter streams either at Twitter, or on Mental Kipple.

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12 thoughts on “On The Road”

  1. Hope you have a lovely time. There's that enormous water tower in Cochester called 'the elephant' or something strange like that!

  2. Go to aldeburgh (just 2 miles south from thorpeness) for lunch and have the best fish and chips in the east of england from at the shop at the end of the high street, then drive further along and sit on the seafront to eat them.

  3. The Water Tower is called Jumbo!I was zooming south down the A12 today so we may have passed in oposite directions! ( I live in Witham)

    Have a great time – East Anglia is very nice in places, especially the Wildlife!


  4. If you do go to Colchester try the Brazilian restaurant opposite the castle called Copocabana because they do a great buffet and also come round with a never ending supply of BBQ meat. Have a great time.

  5. In reply to your twitter I started a project which was two kids ! hopefully I will go first and they will carry on after I have gone! what project did you have in mind ? If you can inspire enough people you will live forever especially with your communication skills ! have a good holiday and come back ready to fight on again !

  6. Enjoy yourself – We all need a good break at times (Just had 2 weeks Paternity leave and need a holiday)

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