Reynolds Elsewhere

A little while ago I took part in a fun little cookery competition. Needless to say my partner and I were hampered by the fact that I'm the sort of person whose cooking knowledge ends at the kebab shop door.

However we did get to blog about it, and so if you go to the Food2.0NomNomNom website you can find out more about the fun time I had.

There is also a little competition between the teams who took part, so have a look at this list of participants, read their stories and look at their pictures and vote for your favourite.

You can see my entry here, but please don't vote for me just because it's me – do read them all and pick the best web experience.

3 thoughts on “Reynolds Elsewhere”

  1. Ha ha, have just seen what they've called you;”our absolute favourite blogging ambulance driver”At least they meant it in a nice way.

  2. you were thinking of changing your job some while ago .this is an example of the crap you would have been expcted to turn out “A London Ambulance Service spokesman said: “We sent a fast response car, an ambulance, the air ambulance and an officer to the scene, the first of which arrived in under four minutes.” our arse is covered!!!

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