If You Have Come Here From A Government Building

Here are my ideas for targets.

What I see in care homes on a regular basis.

This is the sort of thing I see in social care all the time.

How we end up covering for GPs. And narrowly avoid disaster.

The sort of thing that the NHS does well.

(For regular readers, I'll be explaining this slightly strange post at a later date)

14 thoughts on “If You Have Come Here From A Government Building”

  1. Bonne Chance Ben.Don't worry about not having 100% english. There's many in England who can not speak their mother-tongue correctly let alone something like french ;0)

  2. Have you been checking ISPs or something?? Cos I sometimes have a read when I'm at work, so that'll show up as a Govt Dept – but it's not DH so I'm not really much use!

  3. it's no good you posting that, because we are all incompetents with no public service ethic who are, in fact, hell bent on getting you personally.

  4. Forgive me if this is a stupid question, but what actually happens if ambulance staff fail to reach the eight minute target on a regular basis? Do you get disciplined? We have targets at work, but if we document why they were unachievable on a case by case basis we don't get any grief. It only becomes a performance issue if we have no sensible reason for not achieving a target.The previous blogs on old people and care homes make me feel sad. Some carers are great and some are awful. I have a friend with MS and he was actually scared of one of his visiting carers. She was more than neglectful, she actually bullied him.

  5. This really is clutching at straws now and please excuse the interuptuion but…I've been kicked back from an application to be a paramedic with the LAS because I have 6 points on my driving licence when the max is 3. It was all speed camera's – twice in one week, argh. Before anyone starts; I hold a RoSPA advance licence and stressed that the points meant nothing as far as my road usage is concerned. The points don't come off till 2010! I've already tried applying regardless with a cover letter. Any suggestions?

  6. They probably knocked you back because you think the plural of 'camera' is 'camera's'.Sorry, but it's National Apostrophe Week.

  7. I'm studying to become a paramedic in quebec city, Canada. One of our teacher told us: “Your worst nightmare is a MD on your scene.” I was told that less than half of the MD keep their CPR up to date. I could easily imagine an OB-GYN on a car crash…Also, I was very touched by your account of the old person, alone. I met a lady, the other night in the A&E, actually pleased to be in the waiting room, so she could talk to someone.. Saaaad…

  8. My only suggestion would be to wait till the points come off. After all, if their rules state a maximum of three points, I can't see any way to get round it.It's not as if they are short of applicants, using the number of points on a licence is probably a convenient way (no doubt one of many) for them to shorten the number of successful applicants.

  9. I'm going to apply in Quebec then, they don't have plural there anyway 'One of our teacher told us'.

  10. I can't really help I'm afraid – the human resources people make the rules. If they are unimpressed by the cover letter then I have no idea what you can do.Sorry.

  11. I'm DEEPLY sorry, as you may know, we are speaking french in Qubec. Its obviously a shame I'm making some mistake in a language who is not my mothertongue…

  12. No, fair play and good point. I will retreat from that one, as it was a low blow. Though I did detect a hint of sarcasm in your post…Thanks for considering the predicament anyway guys.

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