Please Leave A Message After The Bleep…

“Tom is asleep right now and cannot come to the website. He was going to write about what has recently happened to JonnyB, however Zinnia has beaten him to the punch I believe the Americans would say, 'You snooze, you lose', although perhaps not as literally as has happened in this case. Please leave your message after the bleep…”


11 thoughts on “Please Leave A Message After The Bleep…”

  1. It's not just blogging that has this trait.When I was a freelance photographer in the 1970's and upwards, we often received a princely sum if the photo was one an editor really wanted.Now any photos on the net are plagiarised and copied without even a credit to the photographer, let alone a payment. Being international it can be hard to bring any case against those who commit such acts.

  2. As someone said on Zinnia's comments page, if the Daily Mail really thinks that bloggers are 'amateur' why the hell do they go hunting for blogs to print in their 'paper' (read: Tabloid with a posh name)? Hope you manage to catch up on your sleep Tom. Seems most of the writers of the Blogs I read are on nights at the moment; very odd. Hope whatever you decide to do with regard to your job suits YOU and YOU alone. Don't let anyone else influence you. :)Liv xx

  3. Thank you for the twix! – it went down a treat at 630 this morning to keep us awake for the last hour!!

  4. I studied “anger management” – a much derided, much misunderstood field.The bit where the angry person stops looking at the target is the moment things get dangerous – because they know, that looking at the (subject) will tip them over the edge, but also looking at (the subject) means they have to see them as a person….

    In short, not good – and any time you find a pub fight and the protagonist isn't looking at you any more – WALK AWAY. FAST.

  5. I've only just come across your blog as I am a brand new blogger (yes, one of those weird peeps with only one blog on display so far — I am planning more, honest!).There is a brief mention of “Wombles” in my first blog, but I don't think a search for “Womble Porn” will find me on the net !!

    Best wishes,


  6. Hi Tom – Just starting to get into your excellent blog – I'm a 'Taxi Driver' up North – thanks for sharing your thoughts with the rest of us. After another quality night up here, you've managed to cheer me up!!!!!……. the more I see of people, the more I like my dog…..

  7. I work with these angry folks and they tell me on my anger management courses that there is a pause-like moment where it could go one way or the other…I teach these angry people techniques to stay safe for themselves and others. My best advice is when you get that feeling that things are going to turn nasty…your sixth sense… you are probably right

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