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Time for something stupid…

I have a holiday due in a few weeks, from the 16th to the 29th of June. No work for two glorious weeks.

This makes me happy.

The idea is that I get to travel around the UK visiting places that I've never seen. But how do I avoid just going to places that are hiding in the recesses of my mind?

I get you folks to write my itinerary.

I've set up a wiki (an website that anyone can edit), and I'll leave it up to you folks to edit in some interesting places to go and/or people to meet.

So please, go to this website, and write down some interesting places for me to go. I believe that this is the first time someone has done something like this.

Consider it an open-source, public domain, user-generated holiday.

Or an experiment in being really silly.

23 thoughts on “My Wiki Holiday”

  1. Sod the UK, come to France instead – Bayeux Tapesty, Loire valley, cave paintings, A380, wine, women, but please no singing!j

  2. Can we include ex-colonies of the British Empire as well…say, for instance Australia? :-)You are more than welcome down under!

  3. Sorry to disappoint but you're not the first to do this!!!- aussie travel writer Peter Moore had the same idea a few weeks back to research for a new book.He asked readers to suggest places he should visit in the UK and also the prospect of crashing on their sofas. Perhaps you could do a tour of ambulance stations and sleep on the leather laz-eee boys to save cash.Depends on whatyou want to go and do though; do you want historical locations, arse end of nowhere country or cities or are completely open to suggestions?

  4. I knew I should have posted it when I had the idea…Oh well…

    Anything goes really, the whole idea is to do things that I otherwise wouldn't do or think of. A crowd of people will come up with more interesting ideas that I could on my own.

    I would like to avoid kipping on ambulance stations though – I try to do that too much at my own station when I'm at work.

  5. I've rearranged the dates into regions, I hope it doesn't confuse to much, especially as my geography isn't great! It's got to be better than trying to fit in lock ness and surrey into the same day though!

  6. Hey, I've been reading your blog for a few years now but never got round to commenting, as you can probably tell from my user name i'm in travel, i'm a travel agent specialising in Rail. Any way I just wanted to say that I think you blog is wonderful and so is 'da book' and I've just put an entry on your wiki from North Wales, I hope you like itDan

  7. what a great idea Tom. I wish I could do the same….hang on maybe I can! I've got a fortnight in August, and I'm springing my 4 year old out of nursery before she starts school, so I've got 500 and no real plans, other that to have an adventure with my daughter!You'd be welcome to crash on our sofa in Lichfield Staff, if you find yourself over here!

  8. For quirky, interesting and unusual places to go I can recommend reading 'Bollocks to Alton Towers'. It's a very amusing read but also has some great descriptions of off-beat places to go, with enough detail to be able to assess whether you would like them. It's written in a very complimentary way about some very individual attractions run by enthusiasts. If you don't go to any of them, it's still a great read.

  9. somerset great place to visit such as wells glastoberry taunton chedder gorge wokey hole and exmore and westen super mere troqey and we are not to far fron cronwall and the cider is great

  10. Yorkshire, just south of the moors. Near Pickering for preference. Lots of pubs in the good pub guide (serving some excellent food), attractive countryside, and a steam railway.Try to go when it's not raining.

  11. Hi TomMany lovely places in this country, North yorkshire moors, Northumberland, Cornwall, and The Gower in south West wales, so much choice Tom, the world your oyster, enjoy wherever you go,



  12. I don't know how to use Wiki so will suggest it on here lolBut when you near the midlands you should defo visit “The Peak District”

    Where I live is very close to the staffordshire/derbyshire border and I am very sure you'd enjoy the scenery and there is plenty to do within staffordshire (where I am) too !!

  13. Judging by the numerous and varied entries so far, I can only conclude that you will spend 2 weeks visiting the entire UK motorway network… πŸ™‚

  14. From great experiance i ask you why bother doing England? It will cost a fortune in travel, hotels, food and the weather may be nice but may be crap! There are so many places in this world that you can get to for cheap and stay for even cheaper yet have a very rich and rewarding experiance. example: Vietnam, Cambodia, Thailand, Loas.Im in Vietnam right now, and I just met some people who took two weeks off from work in UK and are having the best time, they have managed to cover the whole country as travel is cheap too…and there is so much to do and see. Great hotels from between 1.50 to 15 for a luxury pad with free Wifi nearly everywhere, so bring your laptop. Food is no more than $5 (2.50) for a massive fresh feast…Its safe and sunny.

    Also this is a great area to maybe look in to applying your EMT skills to people who would really appriciate it and it looks as if it pays well. Which ever you decide….you have earnt it!

  15. Why England?Because it's the country of my birth and yet I've seen very little of it. The odd bit of Wales, chunks of London, Blackpool and the Isle of Wight.

    I do the foreign holidays every year, this year I thought I'd do something a bit different.

    Strangely enough I was thinking of SE Asia for next year…

  16. Why England?Because it's the country of my birth and yet I've seen very little of it. The odd bit of Wales, chunks of London, Blackpool and the Isle of Wight.

    I do the foreign holidays every year, this year I thought I'd do something a bit different.

    Strangely enough I was thinking of SE Asia for next year…

  17. I don't know how much you're paying for the hosting of this, but reading through there's plenty of ideas I want to steal from your holiday wiki!Might it be an idea to keep it there – with a list of ideas, because there's a few places that people might want to see themselves????Cheers,R.

  18. Sadly couldn't post on the wiki too technically useless but my 2 pennorth is to see Kent and Sussex. I love the bit of coast between Folkestone and Dungeness. It's wild untouristy – mostly especialy greatstone and Dungeness and the kind of beach from children's story books. Rye is a little inland and also pretty special.I also recommend Guernsey!

  19. Lovely.And I will be keeping it up, perhaps with some material that I add in myself in the process of planning and media that I capture while doing it.

  20. Tom,Will you publish an iterary for your holiday – I'm sure we would all be interested to find out where you actually end up…?

    Enjoy the time off…

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