Dear Americans

You may be interested to know that you can now get my book in the colonies without having to pay huge amounts of postage and packaging. My publishers over there are Andrews McMeel Publishing who I like a lot even if they won't pay for me to fly out and publicise it.

It should also be available in shops, so feel free to ask them to order them for you. While you are there ask them to order a few extra to put on the shelves.

It is also freely available under a Creative Commons License at Archive.orgThis lets you remix the book in any way you can think of as long as you don't charge for it and as long as you credit me.

So please, go and buy it so that I might retire to a beach somewhere to drink fruit based cocktails until I go mad with boredom. Also to give these lovely publishers some profits as well.

15 thoughts on “Dear Americans”

  1. I shall go inquire at The King's English after the move. (Not buying any books until after we get to our new place, sorry.)

  2. Oh great!But it'll be more special to buy it in London next month and to read it on a bench in Hyde Park!

  3. Holy frimsticks…. I recommended to you, hemisync cds, I should instead have told you to buy Black Books the serial on DVD – It is heaven for anyone who has to be nice to people who don't deserve it, you will only get my copy when you prise it out of my frog-immersed maniac cold dead hands!, buy the dvd, enjoy it, and live!

  4. I'll look into this. I was going to order it the other day but the postage from the UK was bloody ridiculous. I might just get my next UK visitor to bring it over.

  5. So random but a quick question to all paramedics?What does GCS stand for?

    what is it a measurment of?

    How do you measure it???


  6. Hi Mr Reynolds,I have been reading your blog while recovering from a fairly non-life threatening, but debiliitating illness (glandular fever, ? , not confirmed yet). But I feel that I should take you up on a couple of points.My father was an alcoholic, and who knows exactly how deep the damage he might have caused to his family might have run. In 2005 my younger brother comitted suicide, pretty much out of the blue. He was a nurse, and so when he set up the overdose, knew what he was doing. My family was completely sideswiped – we didn't see it coming. 17 months later my father died instantaneously from a ruptured MI. This came at a point where I was trying to complete a PhD at UCL. UCL was unsympathetic, and kicked me off the course.For those last few weeks, then I think the ONLY way for me to feel OK was to get drunk. I'm sure you have come across people in much worse states than me, but I didn't see how I could make my life OK again.I can't answer for illegal drug users, but as I understand it, one quick try as a moment of stupidity can lead to a lifetime of addiction.After Jon died, one of your ambulances picked me up when I was distraught. I'll make no bones about this; they had to scrape me off the floor. I wonder what the people who picked me up must have thought of me. Perhaps there is always a story behind your pick-ups, and since I had had a shower and a meal within the last 12 hours, perhaps I seemed a genuine case. Maybe those other people are just one step further down the line for me… My drunkness faded, the loss didn't. On reaching hospital, I was referred to the correct departments.I was glad to go home.My brother was a nurse, and one of the reasons that we think he killed himself is that he was being bullied at work.This is how we live randomly and really.Borealis

  7. Please don't get me wrong – I think you are doing a, quite frankly, unbelievable job. I have no right to ask you to continue, but please do. Maybe one day you or I will convince the other people that what you do is what makes the world go around.Hat duly tipped,


  8. Didn't mind the cost… This American loved your book and would have hated a version “edited for the states” as a lot of publishing houses are wont to give us. Thank you for your constant sharing, as well as for the work you do.

  9. I walked into the local Barnes & Noble (Birmingham, Alabama) on Saturday, and there it was, front and center in the New Arrivals section. Snapped it up, took it home, got a bag of chocolates and some wine and read it in two long sittings. No housework got done and the cats had to remind me forcefully to feed them, but well worth it! I have recommended the blog to a friend whose daughter thinks she might want to be an EMT. I can't wait to read the next book!

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