I've yet to look after a celebrity in this job – while the chances aren't that high, we do occasionally find ourselves in the more central parts of London. There is also a rather famous heroin user who lives on the edge of our patch, although I suspect that they do most of their 'partying' in rather more salubrious establishments than can be found in my patch of East London.

The closest to celebrity that I have dealt with is the daughter of one of our 'pillars of the community'.

She was with her friend, working as a prostitute and had been hit when the punter had expected more or his £20 than a quick 'hand shandy' behind the bushes.

Lots of foul language in the back of the ambulance, none of which directed at me or my crewmate while various bits of anatomy were nearly falling out of the clothes.

There were no serious injuries and the girls just wanted to return home, just down the road from where I was bought up as a child. They didn't want the police involved and to be honest I suspect that the police officers present were more amused by the protestations on innocence by the man and the complete and frank disclosure by the women.

Such are the high social circles I move in.

5 thoughts on “Celebrities”

  1. Weird, I thought about that topic a few days ago while reading one of your posts.Is there any special (legal) procedure when you have to treat a celebrity?

  2. I can't answer that – everything that I think of is a little…harsh.It mostly involves *insert person* in cardiac arrest.

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