To Whom It May Concern

To Whom It May Concern

Our Mr. Reynolds is unable to write his usual blogpost due to him being peeved, annoyed and occasionally downright angry. This will pass, but in the interests of public safety, as well as not writing something that he will regret, there will be no blogposts here until Monday; when he hopes that he will have calmed down enough to unclench his fists and provide his normal balanced reportage.

Until then he shall content himself with the making of Molotov cocktails and trebuchets, and by shaving his head and walking around his flat naked and screaming.


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  1. Ah yes. The magnificent trebuchet. My mediaeval weapon of choice.Your 'special place' reminds me of watching DEXTER. Perhaps you could gain some tips from this most excellent series ;0)

  2. I posted this on Twitter@reynolds – and what, pray tell, does a trebuchet have to do with your day job or this another cost cutting exercise by the management?

    and then I thought I'd potter over here and see what was what. Not far off though. Keep a lid on it – all will be not quite as bad as you thunk it is. Or not.


  3. Tom,I hope when you've calmed down you're going to let us now what was up – you've piqued my interest now!

  4. I have two weeks off work to properly polish posts – there will be some… stuff posted her about things in due course.

  5. Come on, Tom. Take a couple of deep breaths before your fingertips go all tingly. (And if it doesnt work, tell me who they were and Ill go and punch them for you. Believe me, it helps)But please, dont shave your head . Remember your mother doesnt like it.

    Enjoy the break

  6. Eyes closed, deep breaths, thinking of a special safe place – everyone's different but mine is a tropical beach and right now have buried whoever's got you so cross up to their neck and am kicking sand in their eyes

  7. Im curiouse now! How much will you be charging…..! Heh only joking. Hope things improve for you, I know how friggin infuriating medical work can be. Enjoy ya time off 🙂

  8. If the cocktails get boring, go for the shots :DTia Maria in 3/4 of the shot glass, pour Baileys in over the back of a spoon to top it off… Baby Guinness 😉 And it tastes like chocolate too 😀

    Hope everything's ok pet 🙂

  9. Clearly, the trebuchet will be attached to the rear of the FRU car, allowing a solo responder to rapidly move a patient to the nearest hospital.If not, perhaps, accurately or safely.

    The molotov cocktails are for warming the patients up a bit.

  10. Funny, my week has been like that, too.Apply chocolate, alcohol, or high explosives, this solves, or at least eliminates all problems.

  11. Hee hee Batsgirl, you beat me to it! I was about to say 'isn't this normal behaviour for most healthcare professionals at the weekend, after a hard week?' I find the bite guard that my dentist made for me very helpful too…saves my teeth from cracking.

  12. Breath deep and stare at clouds Tom…this too shall pass.Oh, and remember plan B isn't automatically twice as much gunpowder as plan A!

  13. Very good play , really evocative managed to get your tone/manner really well, crap ending and a bit over dramatistised though

  14. My special place is a bricked-lined cellar, lovely dark, damp and deep. The smell of water and moss in the air.Before me is a plain wooden chair. Tied to the chair, the object of my ire.

    Above me to the right is a fixed light, like the type seen in the old submarine movies. The dim glow coming from it is the only source of illumination.

    Behind me is an old boiler. Laid out in front of it are my tools being kept warm by the flickering flame within. Mostly carpentry and medical tools, there are a few 'interesting' additions.

    To my left a trickle of water runs down the wall, feeding the moss that grows there. To touch this wall invites the chill from it to numb the hand.

    My happy place.

  15. I'm saving the play for later this afternoon. I'm going to listen to it with a nice cup of tea and a Twix. Oh yes, I know how to live.Which bastard has upset you?

  16. You realise when you get a load of people turning up at this comment because they've been googling for worryingly dodgy porn, you will have no one but yourself to blame.

  17. Get out. Take a walk. Talk to a friend and take a break till Monday. A play on Radio 4 is pretty cool. Why not write some short stories, not blogs, and get them published. I'd order them for my Mobile Library. Kick that 'black dog' and take it easy.

  18. Molitov Cocktail…. something with Vodka and those tiny onions I suppose.Are Trebuchets those crackers in the over priced gormet food aisle at the supermarket?

    BTW, also enjoying the radio play.

    Didn't know they still did that.

  19. Umm Tom… does this have anything to do with NeeNaw (Mike) also having work issues? His comments are closed, so I couldn't ask there. But it looks like the London NHS is NOT treating its ambulance call takers and responders very well at the moment! Good luck to both of you, hope the situation improves, or London will loose some good people on its streets (and blogs)!All the best!


  20. Sickness policies like that can backfire. When employees figure out that it's better to stay off sick for 3 weeks with the sniffles, to make sure you are 'fully recovered' (my GP was quite happy to do this as the policy was stupid), as that is 1 period of absence, than to try and go back as soon as possible and have to be off again (which is 2 periods of absence). Strangely, the bosses figured if you were off for 3 weeks, you must be ill, but 2 cases of 1 day within a week means you're pulling the wool. Good luck to you!

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