Radio Play Of ‘Blood, Sweat And Tea’.

There has been a little thing that I've been keeping quiet about (because when groovy stuff happens, I like to know that it is going ahead before I mention it in fear of jinxing things).

Richard Monks has turned part of my book into a Radio play for the BBC and it is due to be broadcast this coming Friday (Radio 4 – 21:00).

It was some months ago that Richard came out for a ride-along with me so that he could get an 'ear' for the language and turns of phrases that us ambulance people use. I should also say 'Thank you' to the LAS folks who let him do this. Numerous war stories were told and I think that Richard got a lot out of it.

A little while later I was sent the draft copy of the script to check for dialogue and to make sure there wasn't any huge medical errors. To be honest I didn't have to do much at all, it seemed that Richard had a firm grasp on the subject.

I was then given the chance to sit in while the play was recorded. So I found myself getting the tube to the BBC studio at Maida Vale.

As always at the BBC I was made to feel extremely welcome – Are there any nasty people at the BBC? I got to meet the cast, who were all lovely, the first person to speak to me was Liz White and I *shamefully* completely blanked on where I'd seen her before, only one of my favourite TV programmes…

I managed to take some photos, although apologies for the quality, I couldn't really bring a tripod, and a flash was out of the question as I didn't want to distract the actors as they worked.

I also got the chance to chat to Martin Freeman who plays 'Paul' in the play an ambulanceman who has a cynicism dial turned up to eleven. Martin was also a great bloke and we chatted politics over a BBC lunch.

It was also excellent, especially for a geek like me, to see how the 'wild track' was created, and to see how they made the various sound effects. An example – an ambulance trolley sounds remarkably like a knackered baby stroller. I was able to offer my opinion as to what certain bits of kit sound like. I even managed to get a part, 'voice in crowd moaning about drunk person #3'.

It was a great experience and I'd like to thank everyone involved for some really nice days out and for turning my book into a great little play.

When it gets put up as a 'Listen again' I'll pop the link up here so that people from outside the UK can hear it (I think). Also if the slideshow works, you can click on the big pictures to read the descriptions.

26 thoughts on “Radio Play Of ‘Blood, Sweat And Tea’.”

  1. I think so – certainly you can in the UK. (You can also listen to the recording for a week afterwards) is the place to look

  2. I've let the official Douglas Adams fan club mailing list know as well. Martin Freeman played Arthur in the (opinion with-held cos I hated it) movie of Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy. Look forward to the “listen again” link as I'm currently working in France!

  3. Blog, book, radio show? Can it be long before we see Blood Sweat and Tea the Movie?Look forward to listening to the radio show.

  4. Thereby lies a tale that may result in a big TV production company being named and shamed depending on the fallout from The Friday Project going belly-up…(Basically, TV rights sold but I don't think I've seen a penny of it)

  5. My, my.. Next thing we know your face is going to be on Hellos cover ;-)Looking forward to the radio show

  6. You lucky bugger! I get to see the insides of radio every week, but to see a radio play in production!? Oooh, green with envy I am!Can't wait to hear it! You never know, it may get an official release!

  7. great news, looking forward to hearing it – and a BAFTA nomination for your part in the play too of course????

  8. Go Tom.Going to see if they podcast it. I think it would be great to have at work to help de stress. I look forward to the link

  9. It looks pretty cold judging by the scarf one actor is wearing.Your book really has opened new spheres for you. Good on yer.BTW. In the 'Dialogue' photo, could you correct the spelling of 'vivd'?

  10. Oh what fun; as the very wise Dr Seuss would say,Look at me! Look at me! Look at me now! Its fun to have fun But you have to know how.

  11. Have you ever thought of (or may have already done) a post on how you have changed since the blog started and whether you had any idea it would become the 'must read' blog of the net.

  12. Typical, Torchwood is on at the same time on TV, other half won't miss it. Are you going to record it Mr R? or will we be able to download it?liz & josh 29w 5d

  13. “an ambulanceman who has a cynicism dial turned up to eleven”…couldn't possibly be based on anyone we know, could it?

  14. Can one listen online “live”?Merkin: Or does the BBC not do that?

    English: Or do the BBC not do that?


  15. Just listened to the play – WOWdefinitely based on your book Tom – loosley of course!

    Hopefully there will be more

  16. Just listened too although the play was good and very moving I didn't feel that Paul was you there were too many differences from the “Tom” we have learnt to know and love.

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