5 thoughts on “Me Go Beddy Bye-Bye”

  1. This is one of the things I don't get and it scares me away from following the career. I don't know if I could handle a 13 hour shift, paperwork, drive home, eat, sleep, shower just to do it all over again.I presume, like usual, it's a lack of paramedics on duty that makes it happen.

    Two random questions:

    What make of boots do you wear? (just curious)

    I'm a first aider and this always confuses me – lets say someone slips on a stair and hurts their ankle. I'm not sure if it's broken or sprained – what would be the best way of treating it and as it's a public building, should we call an ambulance if we aren't sure if its broken or not? I'm now hoping I don't sound rather hopeless…

  2. Thanks. So I presume that its a “you need to go to hospital to get it checked out, is there any way you can get there by yourself?” type thing, and if the answer is a definite no then it would be an ambulance?Should you ever ice a suspected fracture to keep swelling down?

  3. Boots are Magnum patrols (and thereby leads a story hat I'll need to tell some day).Best way to treat a sprain/fracture in a first aid setting is to immobilise and elevate. If they can make their own way to hospital (and the foot/toes aren't turning blue/dusky, or there is a bit of bone sticking out the skin) then that's fine, otherwise it's an ambo job.

  4. Tiz a little known fact that outside the NHS (shift workers only) that an hour is 90 mins not the regulation 60. or is it just that it feels like it sometimes (insert all of the time if sufffering with chronic knackeredishness.

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