How Not To Market To Bloggers.

Having just spoken on how to market an idea to bloggers to MSF (short version, we like truth and we also like stickers to put on our laptops), I received an email.


I was reading your blog and I see you have a very impressive way of describing things. The information you provide is very helpful. So I was wondering if you could take a look at our product *Pseudoscience deleted* and write a review about it.

this is a link to my site: www.*utter-twoddle*.com

I would really be interested to know if you could do an unbiased paid review for us.

Bad enough, but here are two other tips.

1) Don't use CC:, us BCC: when you send the email, then I won't see the twenty odd other bloggers you have sent this exact same email to.

2) Don't send it to someone who actually enjoys debunking fake science. Not me but the superb Black Triangle. I think they missed a trick by not also sending it to Dr. Ben Goldacre as well.

So – let's see what happens if I answer their email. The first thing I'll wonder about is if they'll have even read this blogpost.

The second is if they pay up when I test them and find them to but utter rubbish*

That's unbiased isn't it?

More seriously, if you really want to learn how to market to bloggers talk to Gia. She's my friend so it's an utter pleasure to mention her stuff on my blog – especially if it brings back memories from my past.

*Assuming they are – I have a scientific mind and am prepared to be surprised.

10 thoughts on “How Not To Market To Bloggers.”

  1. Trouble is, you do this and next thing you know they're using your name/blog to endorse their shonky product, even if you clearly stated it was twaddle.

  2. Awww, thanks, Tom!I wonder if your post has anything to do with the strange press release I received this morning out of the blue asking me to look at some product blahblahblah…I always trash these things.

  3. I don't suppose you've got any notes or slides from your MSF talk have you?As someone who's a blogger and trying to market a product, I can see both sides of the problem to an extent. I don't like being spammed by marketers who are going for quantity of emails sent rather than quality, but it's difficult to work out whether a blogger is likely to be interested in what you're offering and (maybe more importantly) happy to be contacted.I don't think that you can hold up your posting about Gia's film as successful marketing because surely that's just you talking about what your friends are up to?

  4. I got one of those emails a week or so ago, its the “unbiased paid review for us” that gives it away as the same people.Not quite sure why they bothered to email me I only get about 100 visits or so a day, exactly how much they thought that was worth I'm not quite sure. Anyway, it went straight into the trash! At least you have a wide reader base to expose their twoddle to!

  5. No slides, and I'm pondering putting up my notes on this subject.Or I may just sell myself to the highest bidder.

    Actually posting about Gia's film is perfect, because you have to ask yourself *why* I'm her friend, and it's because of the things that she writes on her blog, and does in life that have endeared me to her.

    That's why – it might not scale, but then there are people out there who trust *me* and will be influenced by my recomendations.

    I may not be making sense – for I need to sleep…

    (But I won't be leaving this subject alone).

  6. It's the British 'something for nothing' culture that is so endemic in society.This reminds me of the taxi driver of killed a small boy in a road accident, then sued the family for stress – and won.There are those who don't see the distress their actions cause others, just the big fat cheque at the end.To quote Gordon Gecco: 'Greed is good.'

  7. One of the things I really like about the UK blogging 'gang' we belong to is that most everyone is very keen to help 'promote' each others work. Someone needs help finding someone to talk at an event – everyone helps out- someone's got a book out – everyone helps out- someone's starting a new job – everyone helps out.We all want everyone else to succeed with whatever it is they are doing… because we invest time in each other as people. We read each others blogs, meet up in real life, share friends and experiences… We aren't nameless and faceless in the say that marketers who contact us out of the blue are.

    I'd say if you are working in online marketing and want to 'use' bloggers to spread your word, then invest your time and yourself in blogging. Turn up at Lloyd's Social Media Cafe on Fridays, go to Suw's ORG events, link up w everyone on Twitter and actually engage in conversations with people… become friends with us.

    And then *maybe* if we are interested then we might talk about your product on our blogs… or not. Tom certainly wouldn't mention Water Lilies if he wasn't interested in it at all. I mean, he didn't gie Sunshine a good review just cos he's my friend! And I wouldn't want that or expect that from anyone at all.

  8. Just what was that pseudo science twaddle?Was it 'Sleep less but have more energy' patches?

    'Add up to 3 inches”?

    Just wondering.


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