Schrödinger’s Sequel

Some people might have noticed that my publishers The Friday Project have gone into administration and are being sold.

What this does is place any sequel to Blood, Sweat and Tea into a kind of limbo (along with, I presume, any royalties). I know that they can't comment about it until the sale has gone through.

What I do hope is that Clare and the others who work at TFP are all alright – they have always been very nice to me and I wish them the best whatever the future holds.

From tomorrow I'm back at work – which, because I'm looking forward to it, obviously makes me bonkers.

8 thoughts on “Schrödinger’s Sequel”

  1. Yes…I would be peeved if Book II were to be held up. I enjoyed Book I immensely, and look forward to the sequel. However, I cannot help but think that HC know a Good Thing when they see one, and you will be picked up by them should the deal go through. If not, with your track record there must be numerous other publishers busting a gut to get at it :)I'm not so sure about my book. It had been edited and proofed, cover designed and ready to join the queue when all this happened. I, like several other people, are in limbo. Which is a particularly crowded and uncomfortable place to be. The seating is cramped, and frankly the coffee from the machine tastes like freshly squeezed cat!

  2. I have been told. One of the more wonderful people I know has a book currently with them, also in limbo. It was supposed to be published this summer. I knew it was affecting BS&T but didn't know you had another pending. I'm very sorry to hear that this has happened and I am hoping you and he can both grace bookshelves again within two years.

  3. I am sorry to hear that they have gone into administration, must be a really difficult time for them and yourselves and other authors… hope everything goes well with them for the future.Sage

  4. i really hope you manage to get something sorted out mate, I was really looking forward to your second book, the first was by far one of the best blog books I have read!!Any reccomendations on what books to buy to tide us over?

  5. This is a real shame as they had some good books on their books! Some good came from it all…In 2006 it was your book alone that inspired some changes in my life especially to blog my way around the world, which I am still doing right now and loving every minute….so a big thanks to you.

  6. Its a shame to hear about this – have you had anymore information on book II yet and what is going to happen about it?

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