“Oh blimey”, I thought, “another call to another bloody mosque”.

The woman had apparently collapsed, people do a lot of collapsing in churches and the like, and with the proliferation of mosques in my area it's only natural that some of them collapse a well.

We were met by lots of women in the full covering Niqab, eyes staring accusingly out at us.

They managed to find someone who spoke English (a miracle in itself) who told us that we weren't allowed to enter the mosque while wearing our boots. There was a bit of a Mexican stand-off when they realised the I was refusing to take them off.

Finally they decided to let me in, but I didn't need to speak Bengali to realise that they weren't happy about this, and the muttering continued.

The patient was laying on the floor, obviously she didn't speak English so we had to make do. One of the women was concerned that a man would be touching her – I soon let them know that it was too bad – I was the person that they had and they would best put up with it.

We got out of there as quickly as possible – there are lots of places in Newham where us non-muslims feel threatened. You never know what they are up to.

And that's enough fantasy – now for the reality of the call.

We were met by the women who welcomed us into the mosque, boots included. I've sometimes been asked if I can remove them, but as soon as I apologise and that say I can't do that for health and safety reasons I've been allowed in without a second word.

One of the ladies there was doing a sterling job of translating for us, she'd already jotted down the patient's details on a bit of paper for us. The ladies also helped us get the patient onto our carry chair.

As we were about to leave, they came to the ambulance and offered us some drinks and cakes, we declined as we'd just had a fry-up breakfast, but took a drink for the patient and her daughter.

At no point did I feel threatened, worried or out of place. The only thing I was worried about (besides my patient) was that they had a really nice carpet and I didn't want my size twelve boots getting it dirty. As they were welcoming to me I wanted to be as accommodating as possible.

There is a lot of huff and puff about offending people, of cultural sensitivity, but as long as you treat people like human beings I've found that you can't go far wrong.

(I'm now off to install Vista *shudder* on my Macbook for gaming purposes, I may be gone some time… A quick question though – is the UK dar al aman? Assuming I've spelt that right…)

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  1. Ah you got me! I was all gearing up for a rant and a half until it switched. But then the amount of rant-causing things I read online perhaps has be predisposed to give lectures on relgion, culture and 'race'… which I suppose is a prejudice of my own! πŸ™‚

  2. the first comment of course focuses on the most important issue in the post :Pmy religious views: i don't care what you believe or don't in, if it brings you contentment and hurts no being then good on you for being happy. everyone should just stop their bollocks, be accommodating to others and we'll all be fine. simple.

    simple? it means …

  3. Ashamed? Not enough, I think punishment is required. I mean more than the self punishment of installing Vista. πŸ™‚

  4. “… offered us some drinks and cakes, we declined …” Lucky it wasn't one of the gurdwara, they'd have probably insisted you stop for a sit down meal.

  5. ROFL @ Ian – yes, I've been to places where you really feel you are offending them for not stopping for a 5 course meal…..Reynolds – have you thought about keeping a pair of those awful plastic over-shoes to save you fretting about grubby boots on posh carpets? I know you have enough stuff to cart about but maybe?

  6. WHY would you install vista?! I HATE it, and I have to use it! πŸ™ Wait til a few service packs come out, install it then! til then, XP is good… or at least, a LOT better, especially since you need a gig of ram to run vista on its OWN! :(Also, yay about the mosque πŸ˜‰

  7. Have to agree, I have tried Vista on my Macbook Pro using VmWare Fusion. It just crawled whereas XP Pro runs just fine. Love the blog keep up the good work. George

  8. Vista? On anything? Are you nuts? Use XP if you have to, you lunatic.I mean, I think we all understand the mosque part. The comments are all about Vista cuz we can't believe our eyes.

  9. Yes, yes I know…But where can one get a decent service pack 2 ready XP standalone – and then it's getting discontinued in a few months.

    Anyhow – I'm wiping my Mac's HD because as soon as it saw Vista it crashed the partition…

    Start as you mean to go on I suppose.

  10. lol, I think the real religious issue here is are you committing a cardinal sin by even admitting to owning a copy of Vista?? much less for trying to taint the 'Holy' Apple with it??as for the mosque, I've been to one and had a very similar experience as you, a little politeness goes a long way I feel

  11. I appreciate the vista bit is the most controversial part of the post but I'm curious, LAS policy provides overshoes to be worn over boots to enable you to enter a mosque without breaching H&S or causing offence. I take it these a probably sitting in a box at K1 gathering dust!

  12. I've never seen a pair, so either there aren't any or (more likely) you are correct that they are sitting in stores somewhere.But you know, sometimes we run out of O2 masks, so it's not surprising…

  13. Every action has the reaction.[ smile begets smile, growl begets growl] action stays in force until an another action changes it; the 'uman can by using his noodle can step back and apply a positive force that counteracts the negative. By being nice in spite of the abrasive action, of course that takes a lot of energy to counter the hate g force and is very difficult to do..

  14. Are you sure you can't get XP? I am sure I could get a (legitimate) copy somewhere and it has to be better than Vista.

  15. and XP i not good enough for your games?What about Fusion or Parrallels or the open source

    FYI, there is an XP SP3 either out or due out real soon now.

    Regarding an XP+SP2, either find someone with an MSDN subscription (there is probably an image on there), or create a “slipstream” installer (or get someone to do it for you)

  16. Why, oh why, are you willingly installing Vista? At Christmas I bought a new laptop, because my old one was 4 years old and needing retirement, and it came with Vista. It crashed on the 3rd day. It is so much worse than XP! Three months on I'm still complaining and grumbling, that although I got a brand, new spanking, fast laptop, Vista makes the performance almost as bad as my previous laptop.

  17. Odd isn't it, I mean the consumption is pretty predicatble, the delivery delay is uniform and the LAS is big enough to justify software that can manage the consumables at every complex.Strange that logistics is still as rubish as it is when we have money to burn.

  18. Well it doesn't help us reach Orcon does it? Perhaps I need to add that to my list of targets we need to be counting…When I went to the staff consultation for the new intranet I did float the idea of computerised stock ordering – you know as well as I do how innovative the website is. If previous effort by whatever company handles it is anything to go by I might stick a tender bid in myself. Can't do any worse.

  19. “…people do a lot of collapsing in churches and the like…”Really? I've probably been in a church, for an actual service, less than a dozen times, usually school-related Xmas stuff… 3 of those times, I nearly fainted, and I'm NOT the fainting type – it was a total mystery then and now.

    I'm relieved to hear that's common, so probably not due to undiagnosed possession by Ye Horned One!

    Because demonic possession must be terrible – having some defective, corrupt and basically evil entity controlling all your actions and reactions, while your true self is powerless to defeat it.

    Almost like being a Macbook, on whom Vista is installed…. :o)

  20. Why do you have to take your boots off? What health and saftey problems does that cause?? Is it to do with the time it would waste?……………………………………………….

  21. Well…I'm using Fusion, and will be making a slipstream in the near future for when I have managed to save enough for a Macbook Pro – but at the moment I want to give Vista a tryout, I already have XP on my desktop, Ubuntu on a laptop, OS X and Vista (now) on my Macbook.

  22. *That* is a low shot…But yeah – loads of people take to fainting in church – I'm guessing that its a blood pressure thing with people going into a trance-like state.

    Keeps me busy on Sundays.

  23. Because we don't want to wheel over ourselves with a patient on our chair or stretcher.(also because… have you smelt our socks?)

  24. I thought it was more to do with the smell of your feet or that you were sporting a big hole in your sock(s) that day.Anyway the problem will not be there much longer if, as you quote, “and with the proliferation of mosques in my area it's only natural that some of them collapse a well. “

    I like the article and at the end of the day it comes down to respect for others.

  25. Just to contradict everything everyone's said so far about Vista – I actually quite like it! Get rid of the “gadgets” and it runs better, then it's just a few quirks like having to right-click on some programs and set them to “run as administrator” (even when you ARE an administrator). Other than that I've had no problems so far. This is coming from someone who has grown up using DOS and Windows and uses Windows PCs and Macs at work! And in case you're worrying – once you've set the launcher and the program to both “run as administrator” WoW works really nicely on it!

  26. im curious how many have actually used vista for any amount of time. been running both 32bit and 64bit variants for well over a year now and never had a crash because of vista, it runs snappier than XP, superfetch is useful and now SP1 is out transfer speeds have reached expected levels. dual core usage is better managed, not to mention the borrowed search feature :)in my eyes its already at the stage it took XP 2 service packs to get to.

    to moan it takes 1GB of ram to run is insane. 2GB of RAM is 30 quid. it also has readyboost which can help if you dont want to spend any money but have a usb stick lying about.

    unlike XP i dont have to install modem drivers or printer drivers for them to work, nor have to faff during install for SATA drivers.

    it all comes down to what your used to and how adaptive you are.

    On the blog. your's is the only one i read and its rather interesting, nice snippets of someone else's life, and good to know your facing off a stereotype. i would point out however that the translator shouldnt be needed but no situation is ever perfect, especially with someone unconscious.

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