The ‘R’s

I feel relaxed. I had time on holiday to rest and recuperate. I sat around and did very little, no writing, no thinking about writing, no picking up drunks. It was bliss and I'm rather sad that it has come to an end.

I feel re-invigorated.

I feel re-susc-i-tated.

I'm also going to release, that is to declare bankrupcy over my un-answered emails, any podcasts I have left to listen to and all the RSS feeds that I need to catch up with. I don't like doing it, but I honestly have no time to catch up on all the things I've missed out on during the winter doldrums. This is a failure on my part. If you are expecting an email reply from me and it's important then please send the email again and I'll deal with it as it comes in. For all those people who emailed me to thank me for the book or the blog, I do read them all and they do all bring a smile to my face.

What this will allow me to do is rebuild some form of workflow and get involved in some interesting new things, some of which you will see on this very blog, some will be at one of my other internet 'hang-outs'.

So, this break has given me the chance to catch my breath, absorb some honest to goodness sunshine, and restart with new vim and vigor.

Rebooting in 5…4…3…2…1…

(And of course, as soon as I finish typing this blog-post while at Florida airport they announce that my flight will be an hour late and so I'll miss the connecting flight back to the UK. Bollocks).

12 thoughts on “The ‘R’s”

  1. ah ha, ive finally found how to post a comment. after all these years.was i a lesbien or a gay again??

    can i give you my life story?? ok, i will give it to you anyway

    i was born a heamaphrodite and my mummy decided to throw me in a park bin

    a lovely old tramp man found me and gave me some sexual pleasure.

    a nice policeman found him humping me and took me away now I am stalking u!


  2. Glad you enjoyed it tom…the flight thing is typical… its like i always get with the trains from the gfs, i worked out it was faster to get from my home in Essex / london border to paris that to my Gfs in the Midlands…

    Hope you had fun and i look forward to more epic and Uber posts from you!

  3. I've read (and loved) Blood Sewat & Tea but on Amazon today I saw it with a different cover, is it just a new cover or different content?Thankyou for writing your expereinces, it just makes me more determined to become a paramedic when i've finished my A-levels!

  4. So glad you have had a good time away to revitalise, reboot and to purge all the baggage cloging up your computer etc!I have tried unclogging my inbox and keeping it down to 30 messages max but it has crept up to 40 lately!

    I hope you made it home OK despite the hicups!


  5. I saw that too. It is available for pre-order so it is being released some time soon – I wonder if it is different content or just a shiny new cover which looks pretty good!

  6. Damn good thing you didn't do the rest of the alphabet, otherwise we might never have seen you again ;)Welcome home.

  7. To your comment about the flight being late and in keeping with the “R” theme….Well there's something to bring you back to reality!

  8. The other cover is the American version of the book (to be released in the next month or so). It should show up on the US version of Amazon.Nothing new in it, but maybe a larger font or smaller format.

    There will also be a UK version in a mass-market edition (that hopefully Tesco will sell)

    The sequel is still secret-ish…

    I may do a blog post explaining all this in the near future.

  9. Ahh yesh thankies!I look forward to the sequel!!! (and training – fingers crossed I get accepted in 6 months)

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