Later today I shall be on a flight to Florida, while the thought of the flight doesn't fill me with joy, the whole idea of laying by the pool sipping drinks and doing a lot of nothing does indeed hit that part of my brain that makes the happy-fun chemicals.

I have no idea if there is any internet at the hotel, or more importantly if there is any internet by the pool – so I may be offline for a week*. At best I'll be offline for the next 24 hours or so.

At least I should be able to catch up on my email and other such things – like reading a book or two.

*Assuming that the plane doesn't crash into the sea, which may restrict my posting for a bit longer.

23 thoughts on “Offline”

  1. Enjoy yourself Tom, take the oppertunity to get away completely for a week…We will still be here when you come back πŸ™‚

  2. Even if the Hotel has Internet access, take a week off from the blog. We all need downtime, enjoy yours. You could send a 'postcard', if you want, but otherwise chill!

  3. I can assure you that you need have no fear whatever of flying…just of the landings…are you booked on BA on your return flight into Heathrow?

  4. This has nothing to do with the above post… I am in the process of reading your book online. I stumbled across it while randomly googling x-ray pictures (I find them intriging). I absolutely love it! I can't pull myself away! You now have yourself a dedicated reader who will be checking your blog everyday. Keep up the great writing and never stop caring.PS – No worries, I plan on purchasing your book regardless of whether or not I've read it all online.

  5. Have a fabulous time Tom, my folks are mid flight on the way back from florida and they said it's been perfect out there! Have a well deserved chill out!

  6. Drinks…When I was there it was Bud ,Bud Lite ,Bud Liter, Bud Lighter than lite , never mind, enjoy the weather and if you can, get out to the Kennedy Space Center, it is amazing.

  7. *Assuming that the plane doesn't crash into the sea, which may restrict my posting for a bit longer.

    Does anyone else have LOST images popping into their heads now?

  8. Have a wonderful holiday – and whatever you do, no matter WHAT the voices in your head tell you…DO NOT GIVE ALL YOUR MONEY TO MICKEY MOUSE!!!

    Hope the weather behaves for you.

  9. I had more an image of a reincarnated Reynolds, aged about 5, in the same specs somehow, rushing to log-in on the nursery's PC!

  10. Here is a random question for any paramedics out there which has nothing to do with the previous post. I was just an another sight and it said you had to be good at chemistry and maths to be a paramedic. Is that true? I am, really worried because my maths skills are borderline and i dont take chemistry anymore!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Plz tell me the job is still open to me!!!plz reply someone

  11. More important is a bladder that is capable of containing 2 litres, the ability to sprint to the vehicle in under 30 seconds and hit the mobile button and rally type driving skills so you get to an address 30miles away in under 7:59.Anything to do with patient care (maths, chemistry, biology etc) isn't necessary.

    Welcome to the NHS 2008.

  12. Thankyou all so much!! You do not know how much i want that job(although u may think me mad with all the drunks and all) Thanks againkate

  13. OT question for people reading the comments 'til the next post, esp. those who are familiar with street drinkers: do you consider K Cider (which I remember being sold as the “posh” cider, in black bottles, in the 90's) as tramp juice?It's the same ABV as White Lightning & the other plonks du tramp, and the cans (I haven't seen it in bottles for years now) are the regular 500ml for 99p, so I'm just wondering if it's generally considered as an okay drink for (non-tramp) cider-drinkers?

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