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  1. That's from the Daily Mail.And even they admit that “There is no suggestion that the chemical processing agents are at all unhealthy. They might even increase the safety of the fruit and veg by effectively sterilising them and killing any bugs.”

    The comparison that *one* of the ingredients used to an unspecified proportion in this spray has slightly more scary uses when used neat or in high concentrated quantities as part of a different mixture, puts me in mind of this.

  2. wow u eat such…………..exciting foods!!!! Cold tea YUMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMYYYYYYY!!! How is your foot doing? hope work isn't too badkate

    p.s any news on the title for your new book?

  3. Yes indeed, any news on the new book title????I thought my working day was long what with my commute and everything (I catch a ferry to work!!!!) but yours is just well awful and not even to get proper breaks or tea breaks is well very unfair! I have followed your blog for quite a while now and read it with interest. Is this lack of proper break thing down to these stupid targets you have to meet, bad management etc? I can't function without food and refreshment and as I work in an office – I can put the kettle on when I like – for you, a job where saving lives is like second nature,it seems very unfair that you can go 12 hours with only one cup of tea, if that?

  4. Cold tea rocks!!!Also, have tea, with baileys instead of milk… wow but it's good! Had it for the first time tonight… sooo good 😀 Granted, during work it's probably not good, or even allowed, but ya never know when it'l come in handy! 😀

    Have you tried cooking a MOUNTAIN of stuff the days that you're off, freezing them separately and then just defrosting as you go along? I do it, and it works a treat 😀 then again, I usually ahve time to cook the huge amount first 🙂 You never seem to get a minute! (make sure you do though, we don't want you having a meltdown!!)

  5. I am astonished that you're still alive. There's usually a (slightly) healthier option available, even in fast food joints. In fact, I'm sorely tempted to send you a food parcel.

  6. So how do these shift patterns and lifestyle fit in with the 'healthy' push the government is desperate for us to make.Why is it the people who have the most responsibility for the welfare of others are underpaid, stretched far too thinly, stressed and tired?

    In my reality you'd have regular breaks, work no longer than 8 hours and have proper food available, that way you'd be on top form to deal with the shite that regularly gets dished out.

    Oh is that the time? Must go take my meds.

  7. It may well be the 'shape' of the food as well. All very well asking for a salad bowl but try eating that in the vehicle while filling out paperwork. Food items that you can scarf down one-handed without looking at them are much easier to eat in a hurry

  8. Can't remember if it was here or in the media but I recall reading about the sad case of ambulance crews being slagged for taking their breaks while somewhere someone was in need of help.It's the nature of the job – similar to other healthcare workers, in that you can't plan when someone is going to need you and when they do, you can't say – Can you stop bleeding for half an hour while I grab lunch?The other issue is, as ever, budget. To cover your patch while you have lunch – no one will work for half an hour – or even for an hour. But they could look at making the hand over periods work better. I read that you generally have 2 crew on a bus and 1 first responder. Perhaps if they staggered the FR start/crossover times against the 2crew – somewhere someone might get a break?

  9. What if every hospital/emergency ward had a little bowl of fruit for the ambulance workers to grab from when they passed by, neat sizes like a cherry tomato, a grape or a quarter of an apple.Utopic, I know, but healthy. Worthy of a health care system…

  10. Bananas fit that decsription though…. and if I post any more on this subject, I WILL have turned into my mum – shutting up now!

  11. Yeah, but you'd be getting poop covered fingers feeling up the cumquats, wouldn't work.Enforced mealbreaks, in a free canteen with good food, with the time out covered by surplus crews, would be better.

  12. I dunno, I agree (God help me) with the Mail here – I mean we're not talking about feeding people who are starving here, in which case minor issues like that would probably be secondary to ensuring basic access to any kind of nutrition.”There is no suggestion that the chemical processing agents are at all unhealthy. They might even increase the safety of the fruit and veg by effectively sterilising them and killing any bugs.”

    Bugs introduced when foods are pre-processed and left standing about – in other words, bugs that arise as part of this specific product, and not as an everyday part those foods.

    There's no requirement in the human body for hydrogen peroxide either, and as an oxidising agent, I can see no benefit for these additives except helping McD's keep their profit margins in the “obscenely high” ratio.


  13. I'm not offended in the least. I didn't mean to offend you either, and I hope you don't stop commenting.I have no idea whether McDonalds are poisoning people or not. I just don't take the Daily Mail at face value, because it has an alarming tendency to use dodgy science and highly emotive rhetoric to put forward a specific viewpoint, rather than straight reporting.

  14. grapes are good for nibbling at. A whole lot of tasty bite-sized portions, cunningly held together on a flexible framework.

  15. “(Oh and the odd fungus!)”Isn't Pete Docherty a form of fungus though? He certainly looks like one, pale and somewhat flabby, and usually seen in dark damp locations.

    I'm now VERY confused. :o)

  16. To Jimbob,Pretty please can you stop posting 'Yay! I'm a fish!' all over tinternet, that phrase must be on about 4/5 of the sites I have visited today! It was quite funny the first time I saw it, but it has become a weeny bit childish now. On behalf of all bloggers; please stop!

  17. In basic language…. I am an ecologist – I study, record and map plants, mosses, fungi, mammals, bugs & all sorts!Fungi contain chitin which gives them stucture and stability!

    They only go flabby when baked on a pizza etc!!!

    Oh and there are some very pretty colours in the fungi kingdom – red yellow, blue purple….


  18. Aha, thank you for resolving my confusion…*speaks down phone to pizza comapny – “hold the extra Babyshambles on my margarita”!*

    … at risk of making the most OT comment ever on here, there are some very pretty colors available when you eat some fungi, but I'm sure we don't want to go there!

  19. I was a 12-hour shift worker for eleven years with an ambulance service here in Canada and I wouldn't of had it any other way….. 3-4 days/nights on and loads of time off. I quite liked being slightly out of sync with the rest of the world in that you could take care of your errands such as grocery shopping and getting your car serviced during off peak times….no crowds, no hassle. The only drawback, if it truly is a drawback, is that your 9-5 friends tend to fall by the wayside and your social circle tends to become other EMTs, Police, Fire, Doctors and Nurses.

  20. In general, i agree with ADs words on a 12 hour shift.The pain lies in not finishing on time.

    Not so bad in busy areas where your base and hospital are not far from one another but there are parts in even little ole UK that mean, potentially, working a 15 hour day. Our neighbouring station , a few weeks ago, finished after 16 hours.

    16 hour shifts are something of a thing of the past in many areas. Double shifts are unheard of these days… almost.

    But it does make for better christmas shopping ;0)

    As for eating, in the health service i'd suggest this is one of the unhealthiest jobs one can do and the propensity to develop diabetes is pretty high.

    Along with the excellent fruit suggestions made by the other posters i find you can't really go wrong with a hard boiled egg.

    Portable food with it's own eco-friendly packaging :0)

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