My Long Day

A very quick blogpost and you may see why once you finish reading it…

05:25 – Wake up, stumble out of bed, shave and get my clothes on.

06:45 – Arrive at work, find there is no milk, so no cup of tea.

07:00 – Discover that there are no adult oxygen masks on the ambulance or in stock.

07:03 – First job.





11:28 – First (and only) cup of tea of the day.





18:35 – Miles from home we get our last job.

19:09 – We finally manage to get the heavy immobile (but very nice) patient into the ambulance.

19:20 – We reach the patient's hospital, miles from station.

19:40 – I find a nurse to hand over to, our patient is likely to be on our trolley for a few hours – I point out his high risk of developing pressure sores.

19:50 – Another crew come up with a cunning plan to get us away, Control agree to it.

19:55 – We start to head home.

20:17 – We arrive back on station, knackered. Due back in work in 10 hours, 15 minutes. Not counting commuting.

20:45 – Make it home – I'm too tired to cook, yet heroically managed to blog.

Oh well, at least I have a 'not a blogmeet' to look forward to with the lovely Gordon McLean. Then the day after that…ahem. A week in Florida as paid for by my lovely mum and brother.

Yeah – I'm looking forward to a week in some sort of sunshine.

24 thoughts on “My Long Day”

  1. didnt like the above post, you REALLY won't like this one..1800 arrive at station to check off truck

    1905 attend department meeting

    2100 eat a bowl of ice cream smothered in chocolate sauce

    2230 take off boots, slip into bed

    0157 called out for 5 day old female respiratory, attend, (chief complaint – she was crying and turning a funny color and her eyes are moving in different directions like she can't control them)

    0220 head off to hospital

    0240 call ED to advise our arrival, am told 'we're real busy and on divert status'

    0245 arrive ED to see rows of empty beds and two nurses sitting behind the desk 'chatting', get glared at by the said nurses for actually bringing a patient in to them

    0255 head back to station

    0310 boots off again, slip back into bed

    0600 head off home

    at least they aren't paying me for this…I volunteer…

  2. Breakfast cereal at night is my saviour when I'm too tired to cook… filling, quite healthy, cheap, and best of all, FAST – just thought I'd mention it!

  3. florida's grand, you wont regret the vacationjust make sure if you're going to the beach, you want to be on the gulf (west) coast =)

    I'm quite jealous, wish I had a week there right now!

  4. My Tom that sounds like a standard day for us here in Auckland NZ. We're getting better though, they pay us now for a missed break and then they take you out of service for your 30 minute break, as soon as they can. Still… it's only one break for 12 hours

  5. Poor you, such a hard day and you sounded so remorseful about the week in Florida at the end :-)… seriously you guys do a great job and we shouldn't pick on you but having access to drinks/food would be beneficial to your health.. I know the managers have to worry about the statistics and targets but they are failing on the caring front.Sage

  6. My shift last night:1845 arrive to take day shift off. They were out.

    1900 tell control there's no vehicle for us.

    2005 day crew arrive back

    2006 sent to standby at station 30miles away

    2100arrive at distant station

    2115 sent back to base

    2200 get back to base, start break

    0001 go to bed

    0130 get a job, assault, 2 patients into local cottage hosp

    0200 back to bed

    0645 day crews arrive to take us off

    0700 leave for home

    0730 get home, no need for bed today ;o)

    It's not like that every night, honest.

  7. Maybe it's an omission, but I've had jobs where that ten minutes extra kip mattered far more than pandering to social conventions, and showering is over-rated anyway – most people don't smell if they use a deodorant, and how dirty exactly does a human get?!(That's probably too much information, but hey…. LOL)

    I'm more worried by the lack of caffeine!

  8. It's not commutable from Newham, sorry.Pssst, the clue's in the name ;o)

    Get a pair of these for those few minutes off, very comfy to wear and only adds a couple of seconds to your activation time. My trust will get them if you ask nicely and don't rock the boat. Too much

  9. I'm sure you'll love Florida. I've never been, but I was in Mexico for a week, in early january. I can tell you… I usually get antsy and kinda depressed during winter but having a nice sunny warm week to recharge your batteries really does do wonders.I'm not fond of our -30 degree weather (I live in Canada) but at least i'm not depressed this winter.

    Get as much sun tanning as you can… you'll thank yourself when you come home. Just don't burn yourself. 😉

  10. Hello Tom, oh my word that was a day and a half, never mind bud Florida sunshine beckons and will banish any lurking black dogs! Hope you have a lovely lovely time, take really good care, you really deserve a break but i will miss your blog muchly, love Lois xx

  11. Slander sirrah!Why, what has this world come to if a man can't enjoy the pleasurable twin pursuits of flatulence and the eating of pickled onions?

    I also believe that you have confused the word 'shower' with 'complete body plastic surgery', which is an easy mistake to make for one with such an addled mind.

  12. And when it's time to retire, will you do what this bloke in Wales did and go back to work again?Was interested in his comment about working for the Welsh ambulance service in the 1960's: “It's also frightening to think that most ambulances then were single-manned.”

  13. Hello from Washington DC!! I've been following your blog for a while, and really appreciate the “look” into the unadvertised side of London. I hope you have a GREAT vacation in Florida. My hubby and I are coming to London this September for a visit. He would love to move there – so it's not only a vacation, but a bit of a fact-finding mission. I have an Aunt & Uncle in Chislehurst whom I haven't seen since I was a little girl. Anyhoo – keep up the fantastic writing, and try to stay healthy and sane.M.

  14. Tom, how does all this fit in with HSE's Fatigue Index? Do you know if your rosters are drawn up with it in mind?I'm a shift worker myself, and I know that Fatigue Index prevents us from doing too many 12-hour nights in a row. It's all a bit of complex maths involving how much downtime your get between shifts, apparently.

  15. If you thought jakeyas` shift was a bit cushy……come & join us down in SWAST.OK – not every shift is that easy…but quite a few are….& there are stations that are even quieter than us!

    And the countryside is lovely (if v dark at night)

    And the ratio of proper jobs to numpties is pretty good.

    You won`t be bored……promise.

    Anyway, enjoy Florida…I`m off there myself in May with my little tribe.

    Plenty of people over there for whom the term bariatric was invented….makes my vertebrae creak just thinking about them.

    And a personal favourite place to eat is Bahama Breeze….they`re a chain of `Floribbean` restaurants…yum yum.

  16. Ugh…I hate when things are not stocked on the ambulance. That happened to me, except there were no adult BVM's. And it was like…the ONLY time we needed one. That was the worst call ever…the catcher for the gerni (spelling) got blocked but our patient was strapped in luckily. Worst call EVER!I have sympathy for you.

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