Another Stabbing

A murder investigation is under way in east London after a man found stabbed in the street died in hospital.

Smack bang in the middle of my patch, yet strangely I still feel safe walking around those same streets in uniform, or in civvies.

There is a good chance that one of my mates went on that call. No doubt I'll learn the full story tomorrow – and obviously won't be able to blog about it.

7 thoughts on “Another Stabbing”

  1. Oooooh, do I feel a false sense of confidence creeping up? Watch your back mate, just in case!You're too old to die young now, you know 🙂

  2. Problem is, we are now so used to seeing this – or a similar – headline, that we are unfortunately becoming inured to it.I can still remember when a murder would be a page one headline in the newspapers; now – however – a killing frequently doesn't make the first 10 pages.

    By the way – writing this comment from work: as at 01:15 dealt with three stabbings on my sector since 1900. One fatal.

  3. The thing is that most of the stabbings I go to are for a reason, even if the 'reason' is particularly crap ('respect', 'drugs', 'over women').No idea what this one was over, but it wouldn't surprise me if the victim knew his killer.

    (But yes there are random killings, but they are rarer than you would imagine).

  4. as much as the daily mail and the evening standard would like us to feel otherwise, the figures do not indicate there is any reason to be any more scared of being killed in London than you were last year or even 5 years ago, maybe that's why?

  5. If this is bang smack in the middle of your patch then my aunt & uncle were in it to until they moved to Canada. They lived on Chesterton Terrace! Going by Google maps, I'd say it's 10 mins walk max from the stabbing!!

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