I Feel Like Crying, Or Killing Someone – I’m Yet To Decide.

Absolutely fucking fuming, so please excuse my language.

I leave the station, having headed back home from doing one of the coolest things ever (more of which later), turn into the car park to drive to work and discover my car is gone.

Some thieving scumbag has stolen my car.

Along with the car is a uniform or two, some hi-vis jackets, my personal travel first aid kit, my work phone and, most importantly, my work ID card and my entry card to one of our local hospitals.

Top Team Leader and top AOM (my local management team) have given me permission to blow off tonight's shift so that I can kick something soft. They know that if a patient pissed me off tonight I'd be likely to be less than gentle with them.

I think that this brings the number of times my (lovely) car has been stolen up to eight. I'm feeling that familiar feeling of wanting revenge, of wanting to punch someone in the face repeatedly – but because they stole my property rather then try mugging me, there is no-one to punch.

It's the feeling of powerlessness that gets me, the desire to visit bloody revenge on the shiftless scum who did this to me. They are probably the sort of people who I spend my night shifts picking out of the gutter, drunken and violent. At moments like this I think, “Fuck it, let 'em die”.

So instead, if you were the person who stole my car, here's a suggestion.

There are some plastic vials with a drug in them – if you want to get really high, why don't you try injecting it into your bloodstream and see what happens?

It'll make at least one of us happy…

I may feel saner in the morning.

UPDATE: I'm getting special treatment, because of the uniform and ID card, 'intelligence' is being passed to the counter-terrorism squad. This makes me hopeful for a dawn raid with the suspects being tazered. In the head. Several times.

And normally I'm quite liberal…

53 thoughts on “I Feel Like Crying, Or Killing Someone – I’m Yet To Decide.”

  1. I, personnally wouyld just leave quite a lot of mouse-traps around the car (or wherever they might stick they're little fingers), that 'ud make there eyes water….[insert evil laughter here]

  2. ( been reading this blog for quite a while, but just signed up now specifically to reply )Hey Tom, can I make a suggestion? When I lived in the UK I had an old banger that was easy to pinch, until I added a simple on/off switch to one of the wires leading to the ignition. It cost less than a quid, and you had to reach under the dashboard by the footwell and upwards when you got in ( since it was hidden), then flick it to ON, before any power reached the ignition circuit ( just remember to turn it back off when exiting). You really don't need any electrical skills to put a switch in the middle of a 12volt wire, and when done on cheap cars who cares about maybe making a mess, especially when it's out of sight? Almost any wire should do the trick, but I just picked the red one… You could fit it in under 20 minutes…

    BTW, congrats on actually even getting it back 7 times without it being torched / trashed etc. That's an achievement in itself.

    For further info, my old Cortina had a really nice 3rd-party stereo in it as well, but since it was quite recessed then I was able to hide it by sawing the front off a P.O.S radio, padding the back to avoid scratches, then shoving that in front of the nice one. That car was broken into twice but they never even touched the stereo πŸ˜‰

  3. Jesus…I have no idea what the procedure is for getting back cars but I hope you manage to get it back soon,

    – sarah

  4. Blimey, Sorry mate.I wonder what they think when there are a million other cars in it and they decide to nick the one with the official looking Hi-Vi jacket in it. I sense a loose screw….

  5. Sorry to hear about your car Tom, hope they catch the thieving b***ards, maybe they will have wrapped it around and tree and themselves rendering it impossible to even attempt any kind of intervention from any medical services….. at least you'd have revenge and a new car then…..Hope it all gets sorted soon.

  6. NO! I like my car, it's lovely.Maybe have it roll on top of them after they get out of it…

    Insurance will probably be less than 500, which is why I'm loathe to lose it.

  7. All my stuff (except trousers and shirt) were in the boot – I try not to leave things on display.The reason why they nick my car is that it is easy to steal and joy-riders like it because it goes for miles on very little fuel.

  8. or maybe they can just get caught by a traffic unit, then you may only loose the tyres to a stinger and then they can get tasered or maybe have a dog unit munch on their limbs for a bit……hope you get it back mate, your stuff too

  9. sorry to hear it Tom,many times this has happened, havent you had it nicked before and went looking round the area, found it and stole it back? might be worth a try, plus the walking will work off some of that aggressionWOOOOSSAAAAA

  10. Bad luck Tom. We know from Inspector Gadget, PC Copperfield & the others, that even if the B*****s are caught, they won't be punished. You, on the other hand, can expect no mercy from the authorities with regard to the stream of speeding tickets, parking tickets & other fixed penalty notices that you will begin to receive.I have a nasty feeling that when we do start to fight back, it won't be metaphorical. More like molotov cocktails & barricades because we'll have nothing left to lose. We're very close to it now. Sad.

  11. next time you go to a RTC involving joy riders, whisper to them what you think of them and put the fear of god into them as you stick in the canuler (sp?) wiggle it a bit and have a demonic smile on your face. Maintain profesionalism at all times of course because one day you may get one of the little see you next tuesdys who stole one of your cars πŸ™‚

  12. I came home from a night shift last year to find my front door open. My house had been burgled while my misses and kids were asleep upstairs. I was gutted at the things that were nicked but nothing could have replaced my family if anything had happened to them. You may well miss the car but at the end of the day objects can be replaced, people can't.

  13. excellant buy a tracker and pay hundreds of pounds for a car that sounds like it may be naff all! Alterantivley buy a steering lock or some other form of imobiliser.ps if you use any of the above advice you must pay me 100 πŸ™‚

    cheaper than your excess πŸ˜‰

  14. I send you sympathy. I had my bag stolen in France 18 months ago (they left the car it was in, luckily, or we would have been stranded up a mountain!). So here's a bright side for you (sort of): at least you speak the same native language as the police.I recommend crying though. It makes police women go all soft and sympathetic. French ones, anyway.

  15. oh mate i am so sorry to hear that! we have had r car stolen twice and that is bad enough i dont know how u can cope with 8!! I hope that f***er gets what he diserves! Like i sed i am really sorry hope things get better soon!!!!!!!Kate

  16. None of my beeswax, but Tom is a public service employee and lives in London. Don't know if he plays the lottery or not, but….mind you, you have, so if you just send me 1,500 to cover administration costs I'll be delighted to forward your winnings!

  17. I susspect that the looser/s who did this to you would not have the inteligence to figure out that your ID badge and uniform would benefit a wouldbe terrorist.Still, I hope whoever did this to you gets a fucking good kicking from the old bill or SO19 scare the living shit out of them when they pull them over in your car.

  18. Gutted…I'm fairly liberal too, (ish), when it suits me. But when my car was stolen a few years ago I could be oft-heard muttering angrily that I thought thieves should have their hands cut off. The thinking being that it would make it more difficult for them to offend again.

    I do think that theft is taken too lightly, though. It's almost accepted that it will happen. I think that's wrong. It seriously f**ks up someone's day / week when their car gets nicked. In my case, even though it was insured, the whole affair cost me 600, including a bill from the police for picking the damned thing up. They never caught the person that stole it.

  19. Sorry to hear about the car, l had my motorcycle stolen once had over 70k miles on never let me down in all weathers, it was my only transport to work about 20miles away and the scum that took it set it on fire pretty much a few minutes after they stole it according to when it was found blazing.Like some one else said if you kick someone be careful what foot you use.

  20. I've got an 'easy to nick car' too (read 'old') and although they haven't actually worked out exactly how to yet (I've got a short circuit arrangement with the starter motor) they certainly have tried and made a mess in the process (broken steering lock, nicked battery, nicked front headlights and bumper !!)It's sod's law – those who don't have new, latest, expensive cars usually have third party insurance, they're not company cars and unfortunately they're the easiest to nick.

    The pathetic little stinking weevily buggers can't work out the new hi-tec electronic gadgets in new cars.

    The car manufacturers certainly need to invent some sort of anti-theft device that works !!

    How difficult can THAT be in this day and age for goodness sake ….!?!?!?!

    Tough luck Tom (but I like the mouse trap idea ….!)

  21. And normally I'm quite liberal…

    A conservative is a liberal who's been robbed.

    A liberal is a conservative who's been arrested.

  22. Although I am not condoning the scum who stole your car, can I ask why, after it has been stolen 7 times before, would you keep things like your work phone & security pass in there? I work for a maintenance firm of the London Underground and have numerous entry passes but wouldn't dream of leaving them in my car unattended. Surely some of the blame for the loss of these important items are down to you.Saying that I still think all thieves should lose some part of their extremities for the grief they cause & I hope you do get everything back in tact

  23. “And normally I'm quite liberal…”heh isnt that the old saying.. A Conservative is a Liberal who just got robbed!

    sorry to hear about that though, one of the worst things is gettin robbed. I got burgled a few years ago and its a horrible horrible experience.

  24. Gah, thats just shit. I too have had stuff stolen in the past, and the law is a farce against such things.I hope they find it, it must be a bit of a nightmare πŸ™

    One question though, what do you drive? I'm curious at what kind of car gets stolen eight times and is still drivable… πŸ˜€

    Keep cool mate, Karma and all that!

  25. My sister had her car broken into several times (old but high-spec Astra, quite easy to nick). Since she was working as a pyrotechnician, I suggested she “bring some work home” and leave it in the car, or better yet an identical-looking “MOT reject”. a few pounds of dets wired up to the ignition system, under the driver's seat and above the pedals, that ought to do it…

  26. Sergeant: “Right, lads, fix bayonets. When you hear the whistle, we're going over the top.”Private Reynolds: “Er . . . Sarge?”

    Sergeant: “What is it now, Reynolds, you 'orrible little maggot?”

    Private Reynolds: “Would you mind if I gave this one a miss, Sarge? Only I've had a letter from me mum, see, saying me flippin' bike's been pinched

    and . . . (sniff). . . I'm just so bloomin' cross.”

  27. Let's be fair now, Reynolds works in a profession where compassion and patience is essential. Maybe his managers were thinking about the big picture – far better for him to not be on the front line and covered by someone else, than for him to be there and lose it with some drunk who was wasting his time, leading to all kinds of problems for all involved.In other words, stop trolling

  28. You totally never replied to my email!But nevermind…because I'm curious – what do you keep in your personal first aid kit then? Bet its the same as the bags you had at new years..personal indeed.

    Why DO you still have the same car when it's continually stolen?

  29. Yep – they realise that homicidal staff sometimes are better served by not being faced with endless timewasters who might get (at best) an earful from me.Then a complaint comes through and my career turns to shit.

  30. Because it was a one off thing as I would be going straight to work from the train station.Also because I'm not living where I was when it got nicked seven times before…

  31. I'm sure you can be a liberal and not think that all crime is committed by bigger 'victims' than the victims of crime.Surely you can be tough on crime, just so long as you are also *fair*.

  32. Nothing much, mainly dressings for blisters and the like. Plus some airways in case I come across a nasty RTA.As for why do I still have the car? Because it's been found each time it's been stolen. Simple really.

  33. Much, much sympathy and I only hope the scumbags are reading this blog and having the sh1ts scared out of them by the prospect of the ATS turning up on their doorstep.Strangest auto related theft I ever experienced was the loss of an overnight bag from the back seat while parked up on a country lane. No settlements for miles, no obvious traffic on the road. They picked the lock, causing minimal damage, took the bag then LOCKED UP BEHIND THEM. The bag was found the next day with everything still there apart from a nice pair of boots and a book I hadn't finished reading. Most considerate thieves I've ever had the misfortune to be robbed by!

  34. Oh, the violation of it! I know the feeling. I got burgled shortly after ending a relationship, and I arrived home from work after an early shift to find that I was locked out with the deadbolt. I saw a shadow in the hallway through the window, So naturally, I thought it was my ex. I started screaming through the letter box, calling him names and demanding that he unlock the deadbolt RIGHT NOW! BASTARD! Just then 2 guys I'd never seen before jumped out the back window and ran off. I had to climb in through that window because of the dead bolt. My place was a mess. My electric meter broken into. My stereo gone. I was quite traumatized and fearful after that, and every time I'd get home from work, I'd check every room, every corner, before locking the door and sighing with relief. I'd wake up at the slightest noise and reach for a baseball bat. I guess it was PTSD. I'm much better now! Poor Tom! I can't imaging being burgled EIGHT TIMES! I'd be a basket case by now!

  35. Yes, but a true professional leaves his/her private woes at home. My mother died while I was on duty – I had a phone call – and what did I do? I got on with the job.

  36. Yes, and I didn't because I know myself – I know what I can do if I'm upset enough, and I don't want to go back to that frame of mind.Remember that you only have a small picture of me from this blog, you don't actually know me as well as you think you might.

    Like everything else I do, I made what I thought was the right decision.

    (And it's not like I could have worked that night anyway because I didn't have any boots).

  37. You got on with the job.I'd have probably dropped everything and headed for my family as fast as I could.

    Someone else might have simply stopped, and locked all the doors and drawn all the curtains to shut out the world while they tried to get their head around it.

    Another person might have immediately got on the phone to someone for a long chat and a good cry.

    All of these are valid responses to stress, no particular option is “right” or “better” or more worthy than the others. Reaction to stress is an individual thing.

  38. Very sorry to hear about your car and also that your foot is still sore, My 1st car ever (a singer gazelle) got stolen too, luckily I got her back) I hope you get yours back again.The world is full of BUMHOLES

  39. These thieving bastards won't stop at anything. They steal anything from cars to window coverings or clothes left out to dry. But I wonder, if the one that stole your car knew you were a lives saver, would he still have stolen your car. Maybe in his kindness he would have left in the parking lot your id and uniform. It's a sick world we live in.

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