On Avoiding Spoilers

Twitter notifications turned off.
Avoid news sites.
Don’t read email.
No TV news (especially the BBC).
Don’t open Bloglines.
Sign up to the Macrumors ‘non-spoiler’ mailing list.
Don’t open iTunes.
Tell my brother not to ring me.

All because in a few hours the world of computer geeks will turn it’s eyes to the Steve Jobs keynote speech. Liveblogging, Twittering, Websites and RSS feeds, all these will be providing minute by minute updates and analysis.

But I don’t want to see it.

I want to see the recorded keynote with my mind in a pristine state, unblemished by spoilers.

Will there be an ultra-portable? Will there be a 3G iPhone? Will there be something completely different?

I don’t want to know until I hear such things spill from Job’s lips.

In the connected world of today it’s getting hard to avoid learning about things that you’d rather not know. Everyone knows what’s going to happen in the latest soaps, and I can’t imagine how that would affect any sense of drama that the writers are trying to create.

So I shall sit in my bubble of non-connectedness waiting for the video to be posted. I shall revel in my lack of knowledge.

And then I’ll probably look at my bank balance and sob that I can’t afford some new toys…

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