Dear Spammer…

…please stop spamming my blog with your 'oh so clever' personalised spam comments. They all get emailed to me and I make a point of deleting them.

It just takes up time that I could be spending on other things.

Please stop being anti-social. Sure, I could come around your house and graffiti all over it, and sure, you could wash it all off – but it just isn't nice.


On utterly unrelated news – I booked back as fit for work today. The foot isn't perfect, but it's better than it was and I'm guessing that my GP wouldn't be happy signing me off sick for another week.

12 thoughts on “Dear Spammer…”

  1. I clicked on the link at your name, saw the wow comic, and almost jumped out of my seat in surprise.I didn't know WoW players were so pervasive:).

  2. Glas to hear you are on the mend. I did something rather silly earlier and hurt my ankle in the process. You have my sympathyLiz & Josh (20w 2d)

  3. Unfortunately, you're probably talking to a bot with the request for the spammer to stop. Sadly spambots have gotten cleverer of late, are circumventing the verification code system and posting in all kinds of weird places. I've even had spam appearing on my webcomic.Glad you're feeling better though.

  4. i came across a nice little verification idea the other day it when like this3+3=

    and you had to supply the answer – sounds simple, but its a good way of stopping them as its harder for them to work this out rather than just copying text. Also read about another system that would show the user a random picture and you had to put in what it was. IE a picture of an apple, you had to type apple.

    Ingenious solutions for a problem that shouldn't be

  5. Does your email spam filter pick up on those posts when they're emailed to you, and mark them as spam? If so, it would probably be possible to write a simple script that would automatically go and delete the comment based on the spam score it received?Unfortunately, even if you're not talking to a spambot, you're talking to someone stupid enough to think spamming your site is going to be constructive, and so your post probably isn't going to get through to them anyway 🙁

  6. I think they are the people who are hired to spam blogs, as the text surrounding the link often has something to do with the post that is being spammed.Sometimes the comment is quite insightful.

  7. *All* comments get emailed to me, and it's a simple process to click a link in the email to delete the comment.It's just a bit annoying is all.

  8. Certainly the list of anti-spam filter scripts available to users of script-based blogs such as wordpress keeps growing. Sadly it's a constant game of cat and mouse as to who is ahead, since a lot of “bots” that can read text off a page can also be programmed to do elementary things with them.I did come across one on an American political blog that asked for the vice presidents surname, that struck me as quite quaint.

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