Marie Celeste
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just a quick post today as I'm terribly busy.

The picture is of the Marie Celeste Labour Ward in the Royal London Hospital as taken by iPhone. I believe that the text underneath is Bengali (It would make most sense as most of the people in the area are from Bangladesh). This is one of my 'photo a day' pictures.

I love the name of the ward.

I'm also sick (again) with an injured ankle after slipping on some oil in the ambulance garage. Oh well, they can't discipline me twice can they? Just got off the phone with one of my Station Officers checking to make sure I'm alright.

And now I'm turning off the internet

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  1. Marie Celeste was the wife of James Hora. In 1898 he gave a large annual subscription to the Samaritan Society at The London Hospital in memory of Marie Celeste, his first wife. He felt that he had not taken enough care of her whilst they were living in Australia, where she was very unhappy, and to perpetute her memory he asked for her name to be associated with the hospital in some way. The title of the Society was changed to the Marie Celeste Samaritan Society. James Hora also gave money to endow the Marie Celeste maternity wards. (Taken from The Lonodn Hospital Illustrated)I trained at The London and we always thought it was rather an odd name!

  2. You're right. If you're off, you're off, and if you hit the trigger points you will be disciplined. There is neither mercy nor common sense in the modern LAS.

  3. Sure, look over to the right and click on the How To Contact Me link.(I don't put my email address in plain text as an anti-spam measure).

  4. TomI don't know what you've done with this post, but it has sent my feed reader daft. It keeps downloading the post, even after I have deleted it.

    Is this a cunning plan to achieve world domination by swamping the interweb with your posts?

  5. This reminds me of when my great-uncle died. After the funeral, we were all supposed to go to a local hotel, the Marie Stuart, for lunch. It was very quiet, and we couldn't understand where everyone else had got to. Only when one of my uncles 'fessed up that he'd got the name of the hotel wrong and had been telling everyone that the lunch was being held in the Marie Celeste Hotel did the penny drop.

  6. I think that it has to be reported to HSE if you are off for more then 3 day? one of your readers will correct me if im wrong.If they try to discipline you. asked for the HSE officer to be present at the disciplinary, with the accident report. You did fill in the accident book ?

  7. Tom,Can I send you a direct email as I've got a fab photo ? (ie what is your email address)

    It's medically related too (sort of).

    You may wish to share it with others ….

  8. Of course… Including that there is no sand around to soak up such spills.(And I don't think it makes any difference – If I'm assaulted by a patient and have time off, *that* goes in my file as adding up to the disciplinary)

  9. The ship was the Mary Celeste. Marie Celeste came from an early Arthur Conan Doyle story about the mystery.I wonder if whoever named the ward knew that.

  10. I'm surprised this government hasn't insisted that all NHS wards be renamed Marie Celeste, as then on the basis of no patients in them, they could claim to have slashed waiting lists?

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