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  1. It's like when there's a powercut. 'Life' seems to stop.And yes, I do read plenty of books, but it's not the same, because the element of choice has gone.

    That's what 2008 gives us, the ability to chose to watch, read, talk, do what we want when we want to.

  2. It is a brilliant post.My only mixed feelings stem from the fact that '96 was my “Year of Getting Drunk and Making a Total Idiot of Myself” – frequently over some male person – had the web been available back then, it might all have been broadcast, and immortalised, for all time!

    I feel sad every time I read about people regretting a facebook or youtube posting when they're older, that could SO easily have been me….

  3. Good post. Even for someone like me who is often being nostalgic and thinking back to the way things used to be but a decade ago (usually by watching old TV clips on youtube or TV Ark, thus marrying old and new). Don't get me wrong, I'm happy with the wonders of technology (when it works well!) and it is funny to think how things may be next decade. As for looking at old postings on things like facebook or in my case, old forums, it's something we all go through, but having it happen on the internet, especially when people don't forget about it, can be an evil thing.Jees, I'm sounding like I'm 3 times my age with all this nostalgia talk! I don't know, I look out of my window every day and remember when all this where fields… and it still is! 😉

  4. “Don't get me wrong, I'm happy with the wonders of technology (when it works well!)…”I bet! :o)

    Davros, the moment you decided to unveil the Mark III Travel Machine is, sadly, recorded for us all to know about – internet or not.

    I can understand that in this era of Bush's law, you may be feeling relatively like a sweet innocent young pup, just a naive idealist in an ugly world, but the fact is your “Travel Machine” nearly destroyed the universe, and they're not even as sexy as the Cybermen.

    Still, you like Tom's blog, so you have some redeeming qualities, let's chill out and forget that your view is probably still all fields because you levelled them during the Time War.

    (This reply is not entirely serious!)

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