There was some talk on Twitter the other night about writing a biography that fits the 140 character limit. I’ve also been asked to provide a 150 word biography for a panel I’m on in the new year. The 140 character Twitter bio is an interesting exercise in and of itself. Both of these have come at the same time and with similar numbers, so here goes.

Twitter Bio.

“East Londoner, Atheist. Ex-teacher, ex-A&E nurse, now EMT. Writes blog ‘Random Acts Of Reality’ about LAS. Published author. CC Licensed.”

150 word (slightly more professional) version.

“Tom Reynolds is an Emergency Medical Technician for the London Ambulance Service. Most people call him an ‘ambulance driver’. Based in East London he has been writing the blog Random Acts Of Reality ( about his experiences for the past five years. Previous to working for the ambulance service he trained as a teacher and was also an A&E nurse. Tom had his first book (Blood, Sweat and Tea) published by the Friday Project and a sequel is to be published later this year. Tom’s interests include saving the NHS, Creative commons and copyright reform, and anything involving the internet or the future. He is currently looking for a nice cup of tea.”

I also have to send them a photo…

I’m not sure if they are trying to scare people away…

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