First part of our briefing is over. Still way more chiefs thanindians, oh well. We've been told that this is the biggest year ever
with 500,000 people expected over a larger area than before.
The briefing started with a Primal Scream tune playing over videos of
crowds. I'm pondering running away.
Seems well planned though, lots of lessons learnt from last year. We
also have a fallback communication system for if/when Airwave falls
There are 13 treatment centres dotted across the area and I'm one of
12 Forward Incident Teams.
There are 17 SJA ambulances and 4 LAS ambulances. We may end up
waiting for one for a while.
Now I'm waiting for the FIT briefing, about what we are supposed to be
doing when we hit the ground…
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  1. unfortunately, I have a very strong feeling someone from your crew is going to come across 2 girls I overheard today. Both 17, and wildly excited about the 3 different parties they were going to go to and get absolutely plastered. They were already swigging a bottle of lambrini each – I bit my tongue I'm ashamed to say, I so wanted to give them a talking to, but decided it wasn't worth it.Keep safe Tom, hope all goes well for you and your you guys out there tonight x x x

  2. Bloody hell. I wish you lots of luck tonight, I hope the err…sick people, manage not to make too much of a mess or be too much of a nuisance.Happy New Year!

  3. SJA vehicles tend to carry a little less equipment, as SJA crews aren't trained to do some of the things a Paramedic/EMT can do. However, each SJA vehicle should carry a Doctors/Paramedic box/kit of some sort, that contains a small selection of things a Doc/Para will need. And hopefully on a night like tonight, they'll be carrying a well-stocked Doctors/Paramedic box!And with regards to the rest of the equipment, I think it depends heavily on which vehicle you're working on, and who normally stocks it. From my experience, my division's vehicle is very well stocked, but others in my county aren't so well stocked. There are national guidance of what an SJA vehicle should carry, but I doubt many divisions have even seen that guidance.




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