8 thoughts on “Regaining My Faith”

  1. lol you wait till after christmas when all the regulars come back to work πŸ˜› must just be the time of the year affecting them all.cynicism is needed for a christmas shift πŸ˜‰

  2. You found 2 decent social workers? In the same area? At the same time? Jesus, that must be a world record. I've never even found one.

  3. I know it is at least partly tongue in cheek, but when you seem to be trying (and succeeding!) to build respect and understanding for your work and profession, I do find it a bit odd that you think it's ok to run down every other professional or group you come into contact with – be they doctors, nurses, social workers, police sometimes, civil servants, joe public, politicians, “forrins”, council worker, etc!

  4. I run down 'professionals' that don't do their job properly, the carers that leave their charge's pills crushed in the carpet, the GPs who can't see that sitting someone having a heart attack in the waiting room is foolish and the social workers who are more concerned with getting through the day doing as little work as possible.Part of writing this blog is to highlight the utter idiots out there, but to put it in balance I do like to mention those who do their job properly. It just so happened that I met three excellent groups of people in three days – which is a rarity.

    So praise for the good ones, and scorn for the clockwatchers.

  5. Have to agree with the above. although i am not in any kind of job thats relates to any kind of healthcare (electrician by trade) i can understand dangerous/life threatening work unoticed by (supposedly) qualified people *sigh*

  6. We, me being one of the good social workers, get as hacked off with the lazy workers as you do. It is no fun sharing an office with the disgrace to the profession that I do, and no joy at all is to be found in his reputation being so high profile, that he will never be able to get a job anywhere else – & leave my office! I have to say that the other 14 workers in the team are superb.

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