Competition Time

As I've mentioned to a few people I'm current;y in the process of writing a sequel to 'Blood, Sweat and Tea'. This book will have the usual reprinted and updated posts with comments on them – but it will also have roughly a third new content, unseen anywhere else.

All will be released under the same Creative Commons license as the first book.

I'll keep you updated as to it's progress over the next few months.

What my publishers and I thought would be nice, would be a competition to name the new book. 'Blood, Sweat and Tea 2' just doesn't seem right, so we are opening it up my readers.

…For they already have proved themselves fine folk of distinction and taste by reading this blog in the first place…

The prize for the one we pick (or the best one if we come up with something better ourselves*) is a collection of books from The Friday Project and signed copies of both 'Blood, Sweat and Tea' and whatever the new book will be called.

All you have to do is send an email to with your name, your suggestion and a valid return email address- the closing date is midnight on Sunday 16th December**.

Feel free to mention this on your own blogs – the more the merrier.


**All emails will be deleted after Sunday and, apart from the winner, no personal information will be stored.

6 thoughts on “Competition Time”

  1. Will make sure i get back to you on that one!!! I'll give it a go just to have a chance of getting da signed books!!!lol

  2. that's a really good idea!the thought of signed books just made my day! – thinks of good titles to enter –

    is there a limit on the number of suggestions?

    – sarah

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