A Request Or Two

…Because I know that the readers here are superb.

Request One – Unison had a press release the other day about dirty ambulances. I've had a look on their website for some actual *data*, or some other form of real information, such us their method of surveying, but all for nought. Does anyone have access to this actual information?

Request Two – I'm interested in joining a *serious* roleplay guild in one of the following MMORPGS, World of Warcraft, Eve Online, City of X, Tabula Rasa or some other free game. I'm looking for a group that doesn't mind me being an infrequent player (due to my shift work) – I'm looking for a group of people I can relax with.

Thanks in advance.

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  1. Check out the guys I game with. They're laid back, and a few have become proper mates. The group are generally split by the games we play: WoW, IL2 1946, Battlefield 2142, and whatever other multiplayer games take our fancy from time to time. We use TeamSpeak to chat and X-Fire.It's all casual, no cost, play as and when you feel like it/time allows.

  2. (Side issue: I just saw a note on Slashdot saying that a patch for Eve Online has an issue. Due to a –shall we say– unfortunate oversight the game's boot.ini overwrites that of WinXP, thereby bricking your system on next boot. So don't install any Eve Online patches till they have this fixed….)

  3. Have you looked at Dark Age of Wythia? My mate had CF and was awaiting tx so was frequently in hosp with no internet access and played it which is why I figured it's ok to use sporadically. Ooh first time I've posted on here and it's about computer games which I actually know nothing about. How very strange. I emailed you last year about transplant and pneumothorax related stuff. Anyway I got my transplant at the beginning of the year and am doing really well. Hope you find a suitable game.

  4. Typical, My Supergroup runs on the US servers (loads more character slots) and the WoW guild plays on Shadowsong…Oh well šŸ™

  5. I couldn't find any hard data to back up the Unison press releases and background. In fact, it seems to be entirely anecdotal.So then I decided to see if I could find any research on disinfection protocols for ambulances, and there's very little out there. In fact, it appears far, far more research has been done on disinfecting livestock transport (I now breed pigs) than on disinfecting ambulances.

    I think that says something…

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