To Be Disciplined

Looks like I will be in line to be disciplined. I dragged my body into work and while sitting in the back of the ambulance taking my first patient* to hospital had to struggle not to vomit on him.

Which would have been an unusual turnaround, normally people vomit on me.

So I'm off sick at home molly-coddlying myself with lemon drinks and drugs.

*Yes, I was sicker than him.

14 thoughts on “To Be Disciplined”

  1. So what exactly are the rules then in order to be the unlucky disciplined person?Is there a max number of days you can have off in any one said period of time? Or is it because the cold is not related to the heart palpitations and that makes TWO unconnected sicknesses….???!

    Does a bonefide Doctor's note not let you off the hook?

    Get well soon :o) (Kiwi cocktails I tell you, KIWI !!)

  2. Disciplined for taking time off sick?Disciplined following complaint from patient about you nearly heaving all over him?Disciplined for coming into work while sick and being an infection risk?At least you're at home now, try and give yourself a chance to recover. If you do get told off for taking time off, try and make sure that the telling-off is worth it.

  3. Me too, it's absurd you spend a lot of time going to people who aren't really ill, and then get in trouble when YOU really are.Hope you feel better soon, anyway.

  4. Can't win can you… get in trouble for taking time off, get in trouble for dragging yourself in when you're ill in an attempt to not get into trouble for the former….

  5. That's just so wrong! So, you can't take time off for being genuinely ill, or you'll be disciplined, but have to go in putting those patients who are vulnerable to infection (like myself) more at risk by your being forced to do so? Or is it more to do with the two episodes of unrelated sickness too close together? Whatever it's just insane. I do hope you're feeling better soon. Bendy Girl x

  6. Ah yes. The wonders of the Bradford Score. Which I believe is not to be used as a displinary tool. But being as this is the Ambulance service and using a sledgehammer approach is what they do…..Well, hopefully you'll only get a stage 1.

  7. I was wondering how long before that gem came out. I couldn't for the life of me remember what it was called.It's an absolutely proposterous and totally unfair system IMHO, but it seems to be used just about everywhere these days.

    Hope you feel better soon Tom, go kill some Thrax, thats good for colds I hear 🙂

  8. While you are ill you can lament with me on how the Scottish Ambulance Service won't let me ride in to observe 🙁 You could do it though!I figured if you showed the slightest hint of a cold they'd send you know, infection control etc.

    Then again, I'm not surprised

  9. Don't Ambulance staff have priority arrangements to be seen by a doctor at work or through work? It's not right to discipline someone who is already ill and despite that made an effort to come in and help others.Try drinking hot milk with honey 🙂

  10. I'm astounded that at your place of work you are not actually allowed to be ill. That really is bizarre, given that you are working with ill people. Hope you feel better soon!!

  11. To ensure a high standard of service in the LAS. the management have decreed disciplinary action will continue until moral improves.

  12. I googled the Bradford Score – as with many things I learn about from this blog (Zavanelli manoeuvre being the most eye-watering) it made me that little bit more likely to want to resign from the human race.Worse yet, were the “consultancy” sites offering various products based on it to “reduce sickies”/”see staff sickness levels drop” – presumably they are all miracle workers, so let's appoint them to go work in areas stricken with HIV or ebola or something, and see them work their magic.

    So the basic supposition is staff (of any kind) are lying chancers who, once they know “we're” onto them, will straighten up and fly right, albeit reluctantly.

    IMO this is a chronic symptom of the “guilty until proven innocent” culture we are increasingly moving towards – in fact, this is the buboe on the bum, of the control-freak's surveillance age of fear and coercion.

    There's a four letter word or two that I'd like to use to describe these scum, but I really can't be bothered.

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