No blog post today because I am currently doing an impression of Nick Frost.

Unfortunately I can't take time off work because otherwise I run the risk of being disciplined (it being too close to my time off work for heart palpitations).

I have a friend who is training to be a doctor. She is a lovely person who works (at last count) something like three different jobs to support herself in addition to doing voluntary work.

I'm not sure when she gets to sleep.

Anyway, the medical school are threatening to throw her off the course if she can't come up with some money sharpish – so she's taken to begging on her blog.

If you could see yourself able to donate a quid or two I'd consider it a personal favour.

She will make a wonderful doctor, and to be thrown out because of a lack of money seems entirely unfair to me.

10 thoughts on “Bleurgh”

  1. It's ridiculous that you have to work and risk passing on the cold to patients who potentially might be vulnerable to infections.On the bright side though you can always 'accidentally' sneeze all over the people who have called you out because they are drunk or feel funny after smoking cannabis…

  2. Hope your feeling better soon Tom. Give your Lurgy to as many management as you can, it's the only way :)Let us know how your friend gets on with her donation drive!

  3. I coughed up a fiver. Not much, but when you live on 80 incapacity, it's three days food.Maybe some of our more affluent readers will follow suit.

  4. Just to let you guys know, Merys tells me we passed the magic 1000 marker (Which is what she needed not to get kicked out of Medical School) just before midnight. Merys is totally gobsmacked.Many thanks for your help. You're diamond, the lot of you.



  5. Thats great news Bill, really made my day! Heres hoping it doesn't stop there, she is a very worthy cause after all, a bit of breathing room would likely be most appreciated 🙂

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